7 Best Unbounce Features for Marketers

Unbounce comes with tons of features. After all, it’s one of the most popular and lead conversion platforms and page builder software.

What amazes me most is the level of development that Unbounce has achieved in the past 3 years. It’s exponential.

And from what I’ve learned from the team, more ground-breaking conversion optimization features are coming soon.

Unbounce is a landing page builder you’ll love using. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, online marketing, or an agency.

So, what makes it so unique and popular among marketers?

This article will show exactly why Unbounce is the best page builder and what makes it so great.

Let’s dive into the top 7 features of Unbounce.

The Contents

  • Smart Traffic
  • Landing page Templates
  • Drag n Drop Builder
  • PopUp Builder & Sticky Bar
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • AMP Landing Pages
  • Easy Client Management & Collaboration
  • Bonus – It’s Affordable

Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is a recent addition to the Unbounce feature list but a straight hit. Smart Traffic is one of the best ways Unbounce distinct itself from other page builders.

Generally speaking, A/B testing is simple of a direct comparison of multiple variations, nothing fancy. You create two variations of a landing page. Namely, page A and B. Using A/B testing, you determine if page A converts better than A.

It’s all good until you realize there’s no way to understand if the audience would have converted even more had they witnessed the other variant. When you think of the long term, the standard A/B testing is not ideal for conducting a split or variation testing experiment.

Smart Traffic by Unbounce is an A.I.-powered A/B testing tool that helps you get more conversions.

Using the power of machine learning, Smart Traffic continuously learns and, in turn, improves your conversion over time.

Smart Traffic automatically selects and servers the landing page variant to the more inclined visitors to take convert. It uses historical data to judge which variants would result in high conversion.

The longer Smart Traffic works on your landing pages, the faster and more accurate it gets. Ultimately you’ll start converting more and more visitors.

The selection of the landing page variant, machine learning, and the routing speed of Smart Traffic is exactly why A.I. will take over marketing in the recent future. I’d say in the next decade itself.

On average, it gives it boosts your conversion rate by 30%.

And it’s all automated. You absolutely have nothing to do. You enable Smart Traffic in one click, and that’s pretty much it. It starts working on its own.

It’s easy, fast and most of all, it gives results.  It is one conversion optimization tool I’d definitely recommend every marketer to try.

Landing page Templates

Not everyone who has a business online is a professional internet marketer.

Sales copy alone doesn’t convert visitors. It takes a combination of highly effective landing page copy & persuasive designing to get the people to click on that buy button (or whatever your CTA is).

You can not be good at both copywriting and landing page designing. That’s just how the human brain is designed. Unless you’re a prodigy.

And you shouldn’t be wasting your time on doing something you’re not an expert on.

Unbounce has a collection of more than 100 landing page templates to help you with that specific problem. Each template is designed for maximizing the conversion rate in a particular niche.

You can choose and edit any of the templates using the Unbounce Drag n Drop editor. Fill up your own product/service information, revise the default forms, buttons, content boxes, and other elements to create a custom landing page for your brand.

In less than 15 minutes, you can create multiple landing pages for your product, services, and Ad campaigns. Because all you need to do is edit and fill the CTAs with your offer. You can easily add lightboxes, videos, HTML and fully customize any of the templates.

Ready-to-use templates offered by Unbounce are already optimized for maximum conversion by experts. So I’d suggest unless you’re a seasoned marketer, keep the fundamental settings intact.

WordPress users can host these landing pages on a custom domain using the Unbounce WordPress plugin.

Drag n Drop Builder

Unbounce comes with an intuitive and powerful Drag n Drop page builder.

Now, a Drag n Drop page builder should allow you to move page elements free in any direction.

Some page builders offer a grid block system that only allows the elements to move in a fixed horizontal/vertical manner. I call these pseudo Drag n Drop page builders.

Unbounce is a true Drag n Drop editor and not a pseudo one.  Choose from hundreds of blocks to create an attractive landing page.

Using the blocks inside the Unbounce Drag n Drop builder, you can add things like:

  • Text & Images
  • CTAs (Call to Action)
  • Videos
  • PopUp lead forms
  • Sticky bar
  • Buttons
  • Content Boxes
  • Social networks widget
  • Lightbox optin forms
  • Custom HTML
  • & other conversion-optimized widgets

Rearranging every element is super simple. It’s not too complex, and that’s what I like about it. Some of my clients say it’s much simpler than Instapage or LeadPages, though not as feature-rich.

If you’re someone who would like to create landing pages himself in a relatively quick and easier way, without any coding, consider using Unbounce.

PopUp Builder & Sticky Bar

PopUps might be annoying, but there’s no denying that they work. PopUp optin-forms are quite popular among conversion marketers for one simple reason, Targeting capability.

Inline lightboxes can’t be customized and served as per the target audience. But PopUps can.

You can create multiple variants of a PopUp lightbox and show different offers on different pages. That’s one of the biggest reasons they convert so well and high.

With Unbounce’s PopUp builder, you can create and set custom triggers for PopUps to appear when you want, where you want, and when you want. You can target a very selective set of audiences using custom triggers and serve extremely personalized offers.

You can go a level up in personalization and insert your visitors’ search term inside the PopUps.

The comes Unbounce’s Sticky Bar. When first introduced, Sticky bars were called Notification bars. These little bars appear either on the top or at the bottom of your landing page.

Lately, Sticky bars have been used as an alternative to PopUps on mobile devices, thanks to their small yet attention-grabbing appearance.

Sticky Bars are identical to PopUps in every manner, except these bars are slimmer and look much more like a part of the page.

When there’s a seasonal, time-sensitive offer, you can schedule Sticky Bar campaigns as well as PopUps to run and stop automatically.

The A/B testing feature is also available for both PopUp and Sticky Bars. Youg et the same powerful Drag n Drop campaign builder to create PopUps as well.

There are multiple triggers to choose from. These include location, action, page scroll, behavior, website journey, cookie targeting, and referral source targeting.

Unbounce integrates with dozens of email marketing services and CRMs.

You can send your leads to your mailing list, or sales funnel on automation using Zapier as well.

Dynamic Text Replacement

The above section discussed how Unbounce takes their PopUps and landing pages one step further than traditional personalization. Unbounce makes that a possibility by using Dynamic Text Replacement.

Dynamic Text Replacement personalizes the content of your landing page in real-time. Based on the keywords parameters & value chosen in the URL.

In layman terms, Unbounce Dynamic Text Replacement will swap in the keyword from the URL based on the user search terms inside your landing pages.

You can also set a default value in case your visitors don’t enter a keyword. It is one of those features PPC marketers would love to have.

To get the attention of a specific audience set, you can use Dynamic Text Replacement to show the exact same message depending on the user search query.

Unlike A/B testing, you’re not guessing if the page would work. Since the content match is exact, you’re presenting a message that seems highly personalized.

We’ve talked about several possible ways to counter Ad Blindness. This Dynamic Text Replacement tech seems to be a great fit too. You can use it simultaneously with Google Ads keywords insertion as well.

The best part, Dynamic Text Replacement works in email campaigns as well. I see this being highly effective for email marketers as well.

Keep in mind, you need to set the Dynamic Text Replacement for the first time in each landing page you wish to use it in. It will only work if the URL parameters match.

Don’t make the mistake of not using Dynamic Text Replacement, especially with AdWords. It will probably make/save you a lot more money than you may expect.

AMP Landing Pages

The same old report that suggests slow web pages lose customers every second is still relevant.

Now more than ever. If your landing pages are slow they don’t load in under 5 seconds, 70% of your visitors will leave.

And the slower your pages, the worse their user experience.

And here’s the deal:

In the case of mobile users, the attention span is even smaller.

Most users, due to information overload and addition to window browsing, will close the tab if your landing page doesn’t load under 2.5 seconds.

With Unbounce, you can use the power of AMP to make your landing pages extremely lightweight and super fast.  AMP or Accelerate Mobile Pages uses the AMP form of HTML that brings down the average loading time of web pages under 1 second.

AMP makes web pages for mobile users faster. About 4 to 5 times faster than normal pages.

Unbounce was the first landing page software to introduce AMP support for standalone page builders outside WordPress and custom websites.

AMP configuration can be tricky; I’ve used multiple WordPress AMP plugins and even hired a developer to it for me on a custom website.

It gets complicated to configure AMP in a way that it doesn’t collide and breaks down other elements of all the web pages. Fortunately, Unbounce has an easy way around it.

You can enable AMP for your landing page with one click. No configuration is needed or worry of breakdown.

Easy Client Management & Collaboration

The ease of management and reporting. One of the key features why Unbounce is the preferred choice of agencies.

Unbounce offers the best client management service across any industry. You can help your clients get the best of their marketing budget by creating high-converting landing pages that they’ll love.

You can share the real-time data of leads with your client via email notifications with your brand logo on it. So they understand the work you put in is getting the results.

There’s an option to add sub-accounts so you can manage multiple clients and their respective marketing campaigns efficiently. You can also restrict access to the campaign using Unbounce’s multi-user permission.

Good for times when you need to share a campaign just to get approval. You can set the campaigns to view only and share them with your clients so they can give you the green signal.

You can also duplicate landing pages using one-click cloning and share them across sub-accounts. Then there is the real-time data analytics dashboard to keep an eye on the performance of the campaigns.

And using Unbounce as a preferred tool of your agency will help you deliver much better results. You are getting access to conversion-optimization tools and features that make creating marketing campaigns a fast and efficient job.

You’ll save time, money, and the additional team members that you’d rather need when using other tools.

Bonus – It’s Affordable

Unbounce might seem an expensive option on its own. But the value it brings to your business is tremendous.

I find it to be rather inexpensive, considering the tool’s quality, features, and team.

You might end up paying more to get the same features as Unbounce by combining multiple tools. (You’d still miss on Smart Traffic, though).

Compared to Instapage, Unbounce is much more affordable.

Unbounce is a landing page builder built for small & medium-sized businesses, bloggers, and large enterprises. To fulfill everyone’s needs, they have specific plans that fit everyone’s budget and requirements.

Depending on the size of your business, you can choose from four different plans:

  • Launch: $80/month
  • Optimize: $120/month
  • Accelerate: $200/month
  • Scale: $300/month

If you’re a large enterprise and require more than 3000 conversions per month, you can choose their concierge plan. They’ll walk you through the software and assign a customer success specialist to help you grow.

💡TipClick here to sign up for Unbounce and get 20% off on all plans. Send us your purchase receipt, and we will help you get on board with the Unbounce platform for free.

My Verdict on Unbounce

I’ve used several landing page builders. After using Unbounce for more than a year, I’d recommend it to every single marketer.

It one of those versatile tools that simply gets the job done regardless of the industry you use it in.

All of my clients use Unbounce based on my recommendation, and my team is always delighted to work with Unbounce’s team to maximize the ROI on our client projects.

Unbounce remains the best landing page builder and our #1 recommendation, straight for 3 years in a row.

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