All Abilities & Spells in Forspoken


If you’re looking for a complete guide to all spells and abilities found in Forspoken, we have a comprehensive list!

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, a New Yorker who has been transported to the stunning, yet torturous, land of Athia, and she has to use her magical powers to cross the land and get back home. There are four types of magic with spells that span support, attack, damage, and more, so if you’re looking for a complete guide to all spells and abilities found in Forspoken, we have a comprehensive list!

All Abilities & Spells in Forspoken

While the protagonist, Frey, is originally from New York, once she enters Athia, with the assistance of a magic Cuff, she gains magical abilities as she battles her way across the land of Athia. These magical powers are used during combat as well as to move around (magical parkour). The four types of magic are Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic), Sila’s Magic (Red Magic), Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic), and Olas’ Magic (Green Magic).

Spells are unlocked by defeating specific enemies (like bosses), purchased with mana (received as a reward or collected throughout Athia), or by visiting a Fount of Blessing.

Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic): Complete Spell List

Frey’s Magic is described “power of untold depth and potential” where “its wielder can command the forces of nature.” It is also called purple magic as it is earth-based.

Spell Description
Shot Fires forth lumps of rocks
Burrow Sends out item-seeking roots. The more loot you find, the more quickly your Support Magic will recharge.
Bind Ties enemies up in a tangle of weeds.
Burst Shot Fires forth lumps of explosive rock that deal area damage.
Shield Shot Creates a defensive shield while charging, which is blasted forward in pieces when released.
Scatter Shot Fires a steady stream of rocks while charging, then unleashes a high-impact, long-range projectile when released.
Tendril Sends an ivy whip snaking out around you that deals damage over the surrounding area, and heals based on how much damage it does.
Leach Causes magical, poison-curing plants to spring forth that will also automatically heal you.
Screen Surrounds you with stones that defend against enemy attacks.
Prime Places a magical trap in a spot of your choosing that explodes when stepped on, dealing area damage.
Disperse Causes flowers to spring up in a spot of your choosing that pick up nearby rocks and fling them at enemies.
Implant Fires seeds into enemies that continue to deal damage for a short period.
Genesis Summons barbed branches which are fired out in front of Frey, skewering enemies over a wide area.
Rarify Allows Frey to use crafting skills to combine Breakshards of the same type to improve their level.
Vivify Allows Frey to use crafting skills to increase the amount by which a necklace improves your health.
Modify Allows Frey to use crafting skills to turn Breakshards into other types.
Shimmy Accelerate by kicking off from the ground.
Flow Enable high-speed movement and parkour.
Leap Kick off from a wall in order to climb higher.

Sila’s Magic (Red Magic): Complete Spell List

Sila’s Magic is described “power of the former Tanta of Strength” where “its wielder can command the force of the flames.” It is also known as red magic in the game as it is fire-based.

Spell Description
Bombardier Kicks enemies backward with fiery force, triggering an explosion that damages foes over an area.
Charge A forward rush with a magical shield that drives enemies back on impact.
Arc Slice A lightning-quick area slice with a huge magical sword. In midair, it won’t go as far but will deal more damage.
Blast Slice Throws a magical spear at an enemy that damages them and the surrounding area. Flies further and hits harder from midair.
Rage Slice Unleashes a flurry of magical punches while charging, then sends enemies flying with explosive force when released.
Aegis Summons the protective power of cleansing flame to erase any attack- or defense-reducing effects, increasing attack power at the same time.
Fusillade Summons multiple fiery swords that protect you by attacking enemies while you’re charging up your magic.
Beacon A light in the darkness that increases the speed at which stamina recharges, but also makes you easier to spot.
Legion Summons a host of fiery soldiers to attack the enemy.
Crucible Encloses the area in fiery walls, inside which attack power is increased.
Fire Trap Causes lava to bubble up beneath the enemy and simmer away for a hot minute.
Conflagration Calls forth a fiery column that spatters enemies with magma, which remains on the ground for a short while after the attack.
Amplify Allows Frey to use crafting skills to increase the amount of which a cloak improves her magic.
Drag and Drop Ranged attack that strikes distant enemies and pulls them closer, switching to Sila’s magic as it does so.
Soar Climb even higher with multiple leaps in quick succession.
Rush Flow even faster with well-timed button press.
Zip Use magic to grab and move.

Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic): Complete Spell List

Prav’s Magic is described as “power of the former Tanta of Justice” and “its wielder can command the forces of gravity and water.” This is also known as blue magic, a water-based magic, that Frey will unlock after confronting Tanta Prav.

Spell Description
Naedre Sends a poisonous column of water snaking toward the enemy that can envenomate those it strikes.
Fan Bolt Fires a spray of magically linked arrows out in front of you, dealing damage over the entire area they cover.
Chain Bolt Fires an arrow upon charging, and another upon release. If both strike in the space place, bonus damage is dealt.
Cluster Bolt Fires an arrow which breaks up in midair, raining down bolts that deal damage over a wide area.
Brume An attack that kicks up an obscuring spray around the enemy, making it hard for them to spot you.
Ablution Reverses status effect slowing stamina recovery so your stamina is restored more swiftly than usual.
Inundation Heightens the senses, improving the critical hit rate of Frey’s spells.
Maelstrom Summons a watery pillar in the designated spot that protects against ranged attacks.
Alb Dramatically reduces the damage caused by a single incoming unblockable or piercing attack.
Eagre Emits a watery barrier over a wide area, sending nearby enemies flying.
Oubiette An attack which forms an enormous ball of water in which the enemy is trapped. Striking the ball causes an area-damage-dealing explosion.
Cataract Spins up a watery vortex that sucks in enemies, damaging them as it does so.
Float Manipulate gravity in order to soften any fall.
Glide Manipulate gravity in order to skim across the surface of water.
Up and Away Frey leaps high into the air while unleashing watery attacks. Her supply of projectiles is then replenished as she simultaneously switches to Prav’s magic.
Fortify Allows Frey to use crafting skills to increase the amount by which a cloak or necklace improves defense

Olas’ Magic (Green Magic): Complete Spell List

Olas’ Magic is described “power of the former Tanta of Wisdom” and “its wielder can command the forces of illusion and lightning.”

Spell Description
Distortion Attacks enemies and engulfs them in a mind-fuddling mist that allows causes them to attack one another.
Storm Dart Emits electrical energy while charging, then unleashes a shockwave when released that will also strike any darts embedded in enemies.
Pulse Dart Sends beams of light at any darts embedded in enemies that shoot right through them, dealing damage as they go.
Aggression Sends out a spread of darts in a fan formation that will mark those they strike as targets for charged attacks.
Sublimation Absorbs life force from the surrounding area, slowly healing health as a result.
Compensation Heightens the senses, causing Surge Magic to charge more quickly when enemies are successfully evaded using Flow.
Displacement Creates an illusory copy of Frey in a designated spot that enemies will attack instead of her.
Compulsion Summons multiple mines that float in the air and explode when enemies touch or attack them.
Projection Sends a storm-charged spear flying into an enemy that emits electricity over the surrounding area.
Seeker Dart Emits lightning that seeks out any darts embedded in enemies, dealing damage as it goes.
Tempest Calls up lightning from the earth to electrocute enemies over a wide area.
Diversify Allows you to use your crafting skills to add a fourth skill to a necklace
Suppression Erases all trace of the user, making them harder for enemies to locate. Sudden movement will cancel the effect.
High and Seek Fire projectiles of magical light at foes as you move at high speed, switching to Olas’ magic as you do so.
Spoof Evade and leave a decoy copy of yourself behind.

Hopefully, our guide to all of the spells and abilities Frey can use in Forspoken has helped you figure out which ones will best suit your play-style! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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