All Apex Legends Season 13 bundles leaked in files


Apex Legends leaks have revealed the full schedule of returning skins to expect in Season 13.

After Apex Legends patched in yesterday’s collection event update, a series of leaks have revealed countless upcoming features, and now fans have a taste of what bundles will rotate in throughout Season 13 “Saviors”.

Here’s the tweet from KralRindo, which shows off a number of datamined bundles that tease what skins are going to make a comeback and when:

This comprehensive list is a gift for fans who are planning on spending their Apex Coins and crafting metals wisely during the latest season.

After all, between the Awakening collection event inspired by popular Kaiju and the upcoming Gaiden/Hero Anime event, fans will definitely spend big and require some careful budgeting.

Although these spoilers ruin the surprise, Apex Legends is infamous for its pricing, which is downright terrible and has no reason to change anytime soon. As a result, it takes a lot of planning to save up twenty dollars for a single cosmetic in a first-person shooter.

Notable upcoming bundles

One of the most eye-catching mentions in the list is the Loba Edition bundle, since legend editions are considered unusually rare, and it released a long time ago. The same can be said for the Seer launch bundle.

The spy designs are also very unique for Loba, especially compared to its peers like the Newcastle edition. You can check out the classic trailer for Loba’s bundle on Apex Legends’ official YouTube channel:

Next up, the Void Prowler bundle scheduled for August is sure to please fans. To begin with, it’s for Wraith, who continues to boast one of the highest pick-rates in a roster full of legends that are stuck below 3%.

Even better, the Wraith skin closely resembles a cat, even if it’s inspired by prowlers. However, the skin did return not too long ago, as you can review the bundle without commentary here:

Another fun addition is the Galactic Guardian bundle, which features matching skins for Horizon and an Alternator. The designs were clearly inspired by Voltron, which would perfectly tie in with all of the latest IP introduced to the game. You can review the bundle from another fan on YouTube here:

You can find more updates about Apex Legends leaks and patches in our news section!

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