All Dark Type Weakness In Pokemon


Pokemon is a sport about changing into a coach of fantastic Monsters and battling different Trainers to be the perfect. This has been the motto of Pokemon from again in Generation 1 of Pokemon, 1996. After that, there have been many Pokemon titles launched and on the time of this text, there are 8 Generations and Gen 9 on the horizon. In Pokemon there are numerous typings, 18 to be precise. All of them with their Strengths & Weaknesses. One of which is the Dark Type. In this information, I’ll speak about Dark Type and its Strengths & Weakness in Pokemon.

What is the Weakness of the Dark Type in Pokemon


dark type weakness pokemon

The Dark Type in Pokemon was launched in Gen 2 together with the Steel Type. It was launched to weaken the ability of the Psychic Type. In its introduction it was given:

  • Dark Type Pokemon Weakness from Gen 1 to Gen 5
    • Bug Type
    • Fighting Type
  • Dark Type Pokemon Weakness from Gen 6 onwards –
    • Bug Type
    • Fighting Type
    • Fairy Type


What is the Dark Type?

As I’ve talked about above, the Dark Type in Pokemon was launched together with the Steel Type to stability the over-tuned Psychic Type Pokemon. As of Gen 8, its interactions with different varieties are:

  • Super Effective in opposition to: Ghost Type & Psychic Type.
  • Not Effective in opposition to: Dark Type, Fairy Type, & Fighting Type.
  • Resists in opposition to: Dark Type & Ghost Type.
  • Weak in opposition to: Bug Type, Fairy Type, & Fighting Type.
  • Immune in opposition to: Psychic Type.


Dark Type Pokemons turned very sturdy as they kind of shut each Pure Psychic Types. In flip, they turned the brand new damaged sort together with Dragon Types &. To counteract that, Gen 6 introduced in a brand new sort and remains to be the most recent Type to be launched, the Fairy Type. The Fairy-Type Resists in addition to offers Super Effective Damage to the Dark Types. Currently, the Fairy Type is the very best in Pokemon and the Dark is a decent Type. The Best twin typing you’ll be able to have on the darkish sort can be the Ghost or Fairy Type.

This was all in regards to the Dark Type Weakness in Pokemon. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You may also try our different guides from our web site, Gamer Tweak.

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