An Inside Look At Overwatch 2’s Newest Tank Hero, Junker Queen


Junker Queen joins the Overwatch 2 roster as the latest tank hero with an enormous axe and even greater concepts. As we noticed within the Wastelander cinematic, the Scrapyard’s sovereign is fierce, resourceful, and no stranger to survival. And now, she’s come to say her rightful throne.


Junker Queen’s playstyle and equipment had been constructed from her pre-existing Overwatch lore. The Junkertown map showcases her powerful, nearly brutal, persona, and we needed her talents and play model to match that power. This kind of design—developing a personality’s equipment to match their established id—is named top-down design. Junker Queen was in Overwatch’s narrative nicely earlier than we had a design for her equipment, which meant she had massive neighborhood expectations resting on her stately shoulders. Now, as she steps out of the lore and into the sunshine, let’s leap into the design of her equipment and take a look at how one can anticipate her to play.

Overwatch Junker Queen

Adrenaline Rush and Scattergun


Adrenaline Rush is the cornerstone of Junker Queen’s id as a tank. The passive means heals her from all injury over time dealt by wounds. Many of her talents apply wounds that trigger enemies to slowly drain well being. This life-steal passive provides to her survivability and aggression. Pushing the boundaries of brawling, Junker Queen feels extra like a berserker tank whose survivability is instantly linked to what number of enemies she’s wounding.

All of Junker Queen’s talents encourage her to rise up shut and private together with her enemies, so we outfitted her with a major fireplace that matches her playstyle. Scattergun is a pump-action shotgun with a small unfold that makes it further scary at quick vary.

Adrenaline Rush and Scattergun allow her to play into enemies whereas giving her the survivability she wants to create space for her workforce and fulfil her tank function.



Junker Queen’s character has at all times been depicted with an axe, in order that was the start line for her design. Carnage consists of an enormous, sweeping swing that wounds all enemies in entrance of her, dealing injury to them over time and activating Adrenaline Rush. Junker Queen refers to her axe as “Carnage,” additional inspiring the significance of this means in her equipment. We thought her axe would possibly work as her major weapon, however traditionally, making a melee hero in Overwatch has include its personal set of challenges. For instance, Genji’s Dragon Blade was once his major weapon, however didn’t translate nicely in-game; in the long run, it was remodeled into the highly effective Ultimate gamers know at the moment. We didn’t need to take Junker Queen down an identical path, so we integrated her axe into this means.

Overwatch Junker Queen


The unique iteration of Carnage let her throw her axe following the preliminary swing earlier than recalling it again to herself together with her magnetic gauntlet; nonetheless, when applied, the follow of throwing her axe felt flawed. It led to a inflexible playstyle that didn’t enable for using different axe-based talents whereas her weapon was out-of-hand, so the throw was swapped to a slash with a wound impact. The idea of throwing and recalling her weapon ultimately led to her subsequent means: Jagged Blade.

Jagged Blade

Jagged Blade is Junker Queen’s secondary fireplace and comes with each energetic and passive talents. The energetic means triggers whenever you press secondary fireplace, inflicting her to throw the knife in her off-hand. Her knife, which the Queen calls “Gracie,” applies a wound that causes injury over time if she lands a direct hit on an enemy. Her magnetic gauntlet can recall the knife by re-activating secondary fireplace. Recalling Gracie will pull any enemy that’s been instantly hit, so be cautious of your environment—in the event you’re struck by Gracie, you’re heading straight for the Queen.

Overwatch Junker Queen

Jagged Blade isn’t the primary time the workforce has experimented with throwing a weapon. When Reinhardt was first prototyped, he was capable of throw his hammer into the enemy workforce—a capability that was cool in idea, however awkward in follow, requiring him to go decide up his hammer to defend his workforce any time he threw it. Despite not making it into Reinhardt’s last equipment, this prototype means closely impressed Jagged Blade. Throwing a weapon made extra sense for Junker Queen, who possesses a particular magnetic gauntlet that she will use to tug issues round her. We didn’t need the gauntlet to make her really feel too mage-y or just like Sigma, who can carry individuals up and throw them round. Instead, Junker Queen makes use of her magnetic powers to manage her axe and knife as a vicious means to serve her brutal ends.

To make her much more intimidating up shut, Jagged Blade’s passive means wounds enemies when utilizing Quick Melee when the knife is in her fingers. These talents that apply wounds all serve her life-leech passive, Adrenaline Rush.

Commanding Shout

To improve her tank-iness, Junker Queen is provided with Commanding Shout, a capability that heightens her personal survivability whereas additionally serving to her teammates round her, growing the well being and motion velocity of each herself and any close by allies.

Overwatch Junker Queen

As the primary workforce motion velocity buff since Lúcio, Commanding Shout helps Junker Queen shut the hole between her and the enemy workforce. Her means to shut distance was deliberately designed as a motion velocity buff, somewhat than one thing sneaky like a brief sprint or teleport, as a result of this helps reinforce her nature as somebody who sprints head first into battle. She brute forces her means by means of her opposition with a relentless aggression that calls for house. It furthers her effectiveness to take cost and lead her workforce into battle by means of tight choke factors or to chop off flanking enemies.

Like, Commanding Shout, Junker Queen’s final means expenses her into the fray.


Rampage is Junker Queen’s Ultimate. It expenses her ahead, grievously wounds enemies, and prevents them from therapeutic. It’s the primary means since Ana’s Biotic Grenade to use an anti-heal. Paired with Adrenaline Rush, Rampage is certainly one of Junker Queen’s strongest survivability property; it applies a lethal wound to anybody in its path, giving her the potential to revive a major quantity of well being with Adrenaline Rush relying on the variety of wounds she manages to use.

Overwatch Junker Queen

Initially, her Ultimate was a spinning whirlwind-type means, however we needed to include her magnetic gauntlet into her Ultimate means. We didn’t need it to really feel elegant or magic-influenced, both, as a result of it didn’t align nicely conceptually with character, so we tried to push her magnetic gauntlet to its limits. Rampage expenses her gauntlet and creates a cloud together with her knife and axe round her whereas she expenses into the enemy workforce—it’s a show of the uncooked, visceral energy she possesses as Queen.

A brand new Queen, born to rule

Junker Queen was constructed for Overwatch 2’s 5v5 taking part in area. She has an unparalleled means to say house, and he or she is terrifying to take care of up shut. She’s brawly, toeing the road of a berserker tank, and we had been cognizant of that on this new tank paradigm. Tanks play extra aggressively in Overwatch 2, and Junker Queen is definitely no exception—the truth is, she’d take into account herself the rule.

Overwatch Junker Queen

We’re excited to see gamers Rampage by means of the upcoming beta with our latest tank!

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