Anime Adventures Update 7.5 Log and Patch Notes


The Roblox Anime Adventures update has been released that brings new content, changes, and bug fixes to the game!

Roblox Anime Adventures has released Update 7.5 on November 18th, 2022! In this patch, you will find some new units to collect, world to explore, trading, and a lot more. There’s also bug fixes, balance changes, and improvements that should even out some of the gameplay!

If you’re in need of some free stuff you can head to our Anime Adventures Codes page! Here’s a look at the patch notes that were released via the official Discord:

  • Clover Kingdom: Legend Stage 3 Unlocked!
  • Deal the most damage in your team for 3x drops! (Only for Legend Stage 3)
  • New Units and Relics!
  • New Feature: Teams!
  • Quickly save and load your teams for different situations!
  • New Daily Challenge Gamemode!
  • Complete a challenging level for rewards! (Refreshes daily)
  • UI improvements!
  • Raid/Dungeon daily quest removed
  • Balance changes + bug fixes!
  • And much more coming very soon… 😳!

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Anime Adventures page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website.

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