Apex Legends Season 14 leaks tease “Hunter Safari” event cosmetics


Apex Legends leaks have just given fans a first look at some Hunter Safari cosmetics for Season 14.

Apex Legends just updated with a brand-new collection event today, but this only allowed a few leaks to slip out for Season 14’s “Hunter Safari” event.

There are a few leaks roaming around thanks to @SomeoneWhoLeaks, beginning with a Horizon bundle that shows off new skins and charms:

The Horizon bundle really reinforces an overall theme of wild green and camouflage. This includes a striped Trident and green Devotion. And while it may not be especially cute like usual, the Nessie charm does offer hunting fans a mounted trophy look. Wattson is not amused.

The Horizon skin itself is decent, using a classic explorer look with a tan top and green pants, sort of like Wattson’s “Outlands Explorer” outfit. This makes some kind of sense, given that Horizon explored space, but another legend would probably fit better.

Next up are the upcoming banner frames for a variety of characters, from Bangalore to Wraith, as seen here:

All of these banners absolutely nail the character, which isn’t always a guarantee in Apex Legends, despite boasting some of the most interesting lore and characterization in any franchise. Wattson’s fences are holding out some Flyers, and Bangalore is all business with a pile of necessities and plans.

However, the banners are also a little simplistic, because they all share the same basic structure. A shot of the wild is accompanied by a few signature items on the bottom. Some variety in these designs would be much appreciated, but at least they’re fun.

Apex Legends only just added their latest collection event, and the Hero Anime event is still expected for July, which is surely going to make serious money. But it’s never too soon for a few hints on where the game is headed. Fans may even expect a new level cap increase and Arenas Flash Event soon:

You can read more about Apex Legends updates and leaks by checking out the rest of our news section!

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