Ark Taming Guide: How To Tame A Diplodocus


Ark Survival Evolved lately dropped the DLC enlargement Fjordur, following the identical path as the unique with new areas and dinosaurs. While you construct a base, have fireplace to maintain you heat, and weapons to guard you and assist you to hunt, you additionally tame and feed dinosaurs as you look to outlive within the open world. And talking of dinosaurs, we come throughout Diplodocus, among the best tribe-carrying and farming creatures that it’s best to positively have. So let’s take a look at this taming information and see the right way to tame a Diplodocus in Ark.

How to Find & Tame a Diplodocus in Ark Survival Evolved


How to Tame Diplodocus in Ark

There isn’t any explicit spawn location for Diplodocus in Ark. You can discover them in all places on the map besides in mountainous areas and the snow biome. They are actually helpful if you wish to journey together with your journey as they’ll carry as much as 10 members of the tribe.

Here are all of the supplies you have to to hold once you go to tame a Diplodocus in Ark:


  • Diplodocus Saddle
    • x600 Fiber
    • x850 Hide
    • x200 Metal Ingots
    • x250 Wood
  • Long Neck Rifle and Shotgun
  • Consumables Regular Kibble
    • Medium Egg
    • Cooked Meat Jerky
    • x2 Longrass
    • Savoroot
    • x5 Fiber
    • Water

Once you find one in all these, it’s not actually tough to tame them. All it’s important to do is stand beneath them and work together to feed them the Regular Kibble and that’s it. In the occasion that they’re chasing you, headshots with tranqs are simpler. Although they’ll’t actually injury you so there’s not a lot bother.

Once you catch them, saddle them and you’ll carry ten members of your tribe to discover the map. They are fairly helpful on the subject of farming wooden, thatch, and berries. Most small and medium creatures keep away from attacking a Diplodocus even if you happen to use push assaults which do no injury.


That’s all you want from this taming information on the right way to tame a Diplodocus in Ark. While you’re right here, be sure to take a look at the right way to tame a Parasaur and our different c guides, suggestions, and tips proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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