Ark Taming Guide: How To Tame Therizinosaurus


Ark Survival Evolved has dropped its DLC enlargement pack Fjordur. It is truthful to say that this pack is sort of spectacular with new areas to discover and dinosaurs. This open-world survival has fairly a couple of superb creatures that you’ll tame and feed as your progress. While every of those creatures has completely different use and wishes, they’re important to your progress. Therizinosaurus is one such sturdy dinosaur that you’ll come throughout and fairly troublesome to catch. So let’s try this taming information and see learn how to tame Therizinosaurus in Ark.

How to Tame Therizinosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved


How to Tame Therizinosaurus in Ark
Image Source: Tecorsuh (YouTube)

Taming Therizinosaurus is sort of troublesome, and most gamers die making an attempt. Here is what occurs, you shoot it to knock it down nevertheless it begins chasing you and you may’t outrun it. Many gamers are dealing with the identical downside so observe this taming information to tame Therizinosaurus in Ark:

  • To lure this dinosaur, you’ll have to construct a lure.
  • Make a 2×2 house-like construction with an open roof and ramp to climb in and a small door so that you can escape.
  • Additionally, since Therizinosaurus can break a couple of supplies, make the partitions with steel.
  • Next lure the dinosaur into the lure. Shoot it together with your methodology of alternative after which let it chase you to the lure.
  • While it’s inside hold capturing tranqs to knock it out, and be able to stuff it with narcotics. Keep a excessive amount of narcotics.
  • For taming it you’ll have to feed it Megalosaurus Egg Kibble or Exceptional Kibble. Keep excessive amount in hand since crafting this merchandise takes time.
  • As time passes and the Therizinosaurus begins consuming the meals, the taming % will improve.


You also can use 4 steel billboards and lure it as soon as it begins chasing you by making a box-like steel construction round it. Make positive there are not any carnivores round whereas utilizing both of the strategies.

These creatures are actually good for farming wooden, thatch, fiber, silk, and varied berries from bushes. They may even have their harvest stage upgraded within the sport.

That’s all there’s on this taming information, observe these steps and tame your self a Therizinosaurus in Ark. While you might be right here, be sure you try learn how to tame a Parasaur and different Ark guides, ideas, and methods proper right here on Gamer Tweak.


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