Best Palkia Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO has a bunch of various Legendary Pokemon which might be fairly uncommon. These highly effective Pokemon can’t be obtained simply by hatching eggs and might solely spawn within the wild. One of such Legendaries is Palkia, a Tier 5 Water-Dragon dual-type from the Sinnoh area. An ideal addition to any roster, it doesn’t have any evolution contemplating how highly effective it already is. Now, as a way to catch a Palkia it’s best to know methods to struggle it utilizing counters. So on this information, we are going to present you all the most effective Palkia counters and weaknesses in Pokemon GO so you possibly can seize it simply.

Best Weaknesses and Counters for Palkia in Pokemon GO

Most of the time, the one option to catch a Legendary Pokemon like Palkia is to defeat it in particular unique occasions like 5-star Raid Battles. Now Palkia being a Dragon/Water kind makes it susceptible to solely Fairy and Dragon-type assaults, whereas it’s proof against Fire, Steel, and Water varieties. We would extremely suggest utilizing a Fairy-type Pokemon in opposition to Palkia as a result of fairy assaults are extremely efficient in opposition to it. Although Palkia has a Dragon-type weak point too, utilizing a Dragon Pokemon in opposition to it makes your Pokemon susceptible to Palkia’s assaults as effectively. This makes the chances of defeating Palkia fifty-fifty. In opposition to this, Fairy-type provides you a larger benefit and likelihood at defeating Palkia as a result of Fairy-type Pokemon are invulnerable to Dragon assaults.

Palkia Weakness and Counters Pokemon Go

Below is a listing of Dragon and Fairy kind counterattacks which might be super-effective in opposition to Palkia:


Fast Attack: The symbolic Fairy assault of ‘Charm’ could be very efficient.

Charged Attacks:

  • Gardevoir: Dazzling Gleam
  • Togekiss: Dazzling Gleam
  • Sylveon: Moonblast
  • Alolan Ninetales: Dazzling Gleam
  • Granbull: Play Rough
  • Clefable: Dazzling Gleam


Fast Attacks: Attacks like ‘Dragon Tail’ and ‘Dragon Breath’ are very efficient.

Charged Attacks:

  • Rayquaza: Outrage
  • Garchomp: Outrage
  • Zekrom: Outrage
  • Dragonite: Draco Meteor
  • Reshiram: Draco Meteor

Those are all of the weaknesses and counterattacks it is advisable know to defeat Palkia in your 5-Star Raid Battles in Pokemon GO. If you discovered this beneficial, take a look at this information on Persian Weaknesses and Counters on GamerTweak.

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