Best Super Witch Crown Challenge Decks in Clash Royale


We’ve got a look at the best decks you can take into the Super Witch Crown Challenge event that is taking place in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale is featuring the new temporary card, Super Witch, in a new challenge that will have you looking to build the best deck around it! If you aren’t much of a deck builder, you might just be looking for some solid lists that will take you through the challenge and hopefully to earning yourself some easy freebies. Well, look no further, we are featuring all the best decks for the Super Witch Crown Challenge in this guide.

Best Super Witch Crown Challenge Decks

We have gathered up some of the best performing Witch decks that are being played in the game right now. Once the event has started, we will update this list with decks that have started to show themselves as the top options in the event.

Giant Graveyard Witch Deck

Clash Royale Witch Deck001 ImageClash Royale Witch Deck001 Image

This is the most popular Witch deck on the ladder and it can be made in multiple different ways. The main version contains Arrows, Giant, Giant Snowball, Graveyard, Inferno Dragon, Skeleton Army, Skeleton King, and Witch. You will be mainly be swarming your opponent with many different minions, and then harvesting them with the Skeleton King to use with its ability.

Alternatively, you can swap out Inferno Dragon for Minions or Bats. You can also run Minions and cut Skeleton King to bring in the Dark Prince. Use whichever combination you feel the most comfortable with and have played in other decks!

Witch Bait Deck

Clash Royale Witch Deck002 ImageClash Royale Witch Deck002 Image

A bait deck with Witch for good measure. Look to get your opponent to use up their AOE, and then punish them with a Goblin Barrel on their tower. To use this deck, you will need Bats, Goblin Barrel. Inferno Dragon, Mega Knight, Mini Pekka, Skeleton Army, The Log, and Witch.

Balloon MK Witch Deck

Clash Royale Witch Deck003 ImageClash Royale Witch Deck003 Image

A balloon based deck, with a variety of different options in it. You will need to run Balloon, Fireball, Mega Knight, Miner, Mini PEKKA, Skeletons, Witch, and Zap to pilot this list.

Valkyrie Witch Bait Deck

Clash Royale Witch Deck004 ImageClash Royale Witch Deck004 Image

To run this list, you’ll need Bats, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Dragon, Mega Knight, Skeleton Army, The Log, Valkyrie, and Witch.

Those are all of the best decks we have featured right now for the Super Witch Crown Challenge event! You can find more guides and news on the game in the Clash Royale section of our website.

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