Bodyguard class guide in Steelrising


Take a look at the recommended weapons and stat focus for Bodyguard class in Steelrising!

Steelrising introduces Soulslike gameplay set in a steampunk French Revolution. Players will take on the role of their preferred class, which may be either a Bodyguard, Dancer, Alchemist, or Soldier.

The Bodyguard is the tank class out of the four available classes, indicating that it begins the game with the highest health and armor given. This guide will provide you with a look at some important considerations to take if you play the role of a Bodyguard in Steelrising.

Weapons and Stat focus for Bodyguard

Steelrising Bodyguard Weapons And Stat Focus ImageSteelrising Bodyguard Weapons And Stat Focus Image
Image: Steelrising

To fully optimize your Bodyguard class character, make sure to know its best-recommended weapon and stat focus. The Bodyguard has an extra +3 Durability which increases health and balance, and a +2 Engineering boost, which improves armor to take fewer damages from attacks. Below you will find the recommended weapons for the Bodyguard:

Recommended Weapons

  • Body of Work
  • Wheel of Vengeance
  • La Perouse Wheel

When compared to the other three weapons, the Body of Work has the longest range, but it also does the least amount of physical and impact damage. The Wheel of Vengeance has a short range but features the highest base physical attack out of the three recommended weapons. It is also equipped with a secondary high-impact special move that doubles as a counterattack. Meanwhile, the La Perouse Wheel, although having a lesser range than the Wheel of Time, does far more impact and physical damage. It allows for a Triple attack which consists of a rapid succession of attacks that are designed to provide high impact and physical damage.

Meanwhile, here is the stat focus to consider when upgrading the Bodyguard:

Stat Focus

  • Power: Boosts Impact.
  • Durability: Boosts Health and Balance stat.
  • Engineering: Boosts Armor, Affliction, and Loot Multiplier.

That’s all the important details you need when playing Bodyguard in Steelrising. Learn more about the game by checking out the Steelrising section of our site!

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