Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes talks about Madden photo shoot with Tom Brady

On Thursday morning — as we expected — EA Sports announced that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would grace the cover of the “Madden 22” video game.

So when Mahomes appeared before reporters in a Zoom conference call later that morning, reporters wanted to know if Mahomes and Brady had discussed February’s Super Bowl game between the two teams.

“There wasn’t a lot of talk about the actual Super Bowl,” replied Mahomes, “but I mean, it’s obviously an honor to be back on the cover of Madden again. I mean, it’s something that you look up to as a kid — you want to be on the cover — and for me, it’s the second time; I didn’t even know you could be on it a second time.”

In fact, Mahomes is just the third person — behind Brady and John Madden himself — to be on the cover more than once.

“So to be with a guy like Tom,” continued Mahomes, “and be able to just kind of talk to him and get advice from him whenever we’re at the shoot, shooting the photos and stuff like that — is always a good deal. He’s a great dude — and he’s willing to give advice.

“It’s cool — and hopefully, next time, we can beat them; [he’s] not beating me when I’m going to do the shoot with him.”