D-backs break record for consecutive road losses

The goal for Thursday’s series finale against the Giants at Oracle Park was the same as every game: win. But the D-backs knew the stakes. History was on the line. Lose and stand alone. One last chance.

As the game wore along, reality began to settle in. Try as the D-backs might, there would be no miraculous comeback. There would be no erasing a six-run deficit. No, Arizona could not avoid its date with history.

With a 23rd consecutive loss away from Arizona, a 10-3 defeat, the D-backs have eclipsed the 1943 Philadelphia A’s and 1963 Mets for the most consecutive road losses.

At some point, the D-backs will, once again, win on the road. This streak will end. The law of large numbers will have its say. Until then, Arizona is happy to return to Chase Field on Friday.