Daily Themed Crossword May 8 2022 Answers (5/8/22)


Here are all of the answers to today’s Daily Themed Crossword puzzle to help you finish it up!

The Daily Themed Crossword is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too difficult, generally). They release a new crossword each day, every day of the year, and each crossword has a theme and allows for hints in case an answer involves a more obscure word. This post shares all of the answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published May 8, 2022. Please view today’s Daily Themed Crossword Answers for most recent answers.

Daily Themed Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for this recently published Daily Themed Crossword. You can check out more of our Daily Themed Crossword Answers for our full coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

  • ___ Clapton who sang “My Father’s Eyes”
  • Prefix with “logue” or “pen”
  • Participate in tug of war
  • Relative via marriage: Hyph.
  • Garfield’s dog pal
  • “May the ___ be ever in your favor”
  • Made a hole, say
  • Landlord’s document
  • Backpack’s or purse’s handle
  • ___ Pearson, mother to Kevin, Kate, and Randall on “This Is Us,” played by Mandy Moore
  • Textile tear
  • President Eisenhower, lovingly
  • Tent securer
  • Home ___ (baseball batter’s victory)
  • Tune for two singers
  • ___ out a living
  • “___ be back soon!”
  • “Here, just have one bite!”: 2 wds.
  • “Eye of the ___,” by Survivor
  • Make a sincere plea
  • ___ Dunphy, mother to Hailey, Alex, and Luke on “Modern Family,” played by Julie Bowen
  • Ruffle someone’s feathers
  • Knight’s lady
  • ___ culpa (my bad)
  • Humor dripping with sarcasm
  • ___ pie (nutty dessert)
  • Rock band necessity, for short
  • “Born,” in France
  • ___ Forman, mother to Laurie on “That 70s Show,” played by Debra Jo Rupp
  • “Love ___ Neighbor” (2013 sitcom)
  • Second weekday, for short
  • Monogram on a French luxury bag: Abbr.
  • Uppermost point
  • “We’ve had our ___ and downs”
  • Address ending with a “com,” perhaps: Abbr.
  • Become unusable, as fruit
  • ___ Gilmore, Mother to Rory on “Gilmore Girls,” played by Lauren Graham
  • ___ far (until this point)
  • Mock or imitate
  • Piglet’s honey-loving friend
  • Ben ___ (Charlton Heston’s epic role)
  • Screams one’s head off
  • Tibet’s traditional capital
  • Ridley Scott’s title
  • Play, as a guitar
  • ___ Weasley, matriarch of the Weasley family in “Harry Potter,” played by Julie Walters
  • “A man of ___ word”
  • Flop’s opposite, say
  • Matchmaker in Greek mythology
  • Boot’s bottom
  • “___ the word!” (“Shh!”)
  • Mother to Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy in “Little Women,” lovingly
  • Great lake named after an indigenous tribe
  • Award won by a soap, perhaps
  • 80s sitcom alien
  • Leatherworker’s tool, usually
  • Sticky “W” in WWW
  • Seated yoga position that’s named after a flower
  • Give up, with “out”
  • Sleeve tattoo appendage
  • Where herds hang out
  • Peruvian beast of burden
  • ___ card (phone microchip)
  • “The Blacklist” organization: Abbr.
  • Slangy “sures”
  • “Watch it, mister!”

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