Deep Rock Galactic introduces Season 03: Plaguefall’s new threat, the Rockpox


An Insidious lithophage infects the planet in the upcoming Season 3: Plaguefall of Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. As players prepare for the new Season, Deep Rock Galactic gives a preview of Season 3 in a new trailer, featuring a new threat, called the Rockpox

DRG Season 3 will also release the new Meteor Impact event. A rogue comet is traversing the system, spilling hundreds of infected meteoroids as gravitational forces rip it apart. Each one carries a latent version of Rockpox and poses a clear and present threat to the Hoxxian ecosystem. As such, be on the alert for meteor strikes during normal missions. If one occurs during a mission, the impact zone must be cleared immediately. From the Space Rig, powerful Rock Cracker modules will be sent to aid players. These must be connected to the meteorite and maintained when the meteorite is cracked open so players may access the Plague Hearts contained inside. Players will get a Scrip at the Season Terminal for every six Plague Hearts they return.

In addition, while playing a mission with a LITHOPHAGE OUTBREAK Warning, players may encounter an area where the Plague Hearts have developed into complete Contagion Spikes and are swiftly spreading throughout the cave. All missions with this warning have the following two primary objectives:

  • LITHOPHAGE OUTBREAK OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Rockpox Contagion Spikes and the growing corruption with R&D’s brand-new anti-contamination equipment. Be very wary of the Plague Larvae that are emerging from the contaminated region and be prepared for swarms of Rockpox-infected Glyphids.
  • NORMAL MAIN OBJECTIVE: Players will still need to complete the normal mining objective. 

The LithoFoamer and the LithoVac have also been developed by R&D to assist players in fighting the Rockpox illness and neutralizing the Contagion Spikes. Both will be required to neutralize and purify a Rockpox-infected region. The process for this is quite simple:

  1. Apply a generous coating of LithoFoam to Rockpox Blisters surrounding a Contagion Spike. The foam begins working on contact chemically bonding to the Rockpox while loosening the grip it has on the rock.
  2. Use the LithoVac to suck up both the LithoFoam and any Rockpox it has bonded to.

In addition, DRG Season 3 will launch a brand-new Performance Pass, which will include another 100 levels of unlocks once it is activated. In addition, a brand-new Cosmetic Tree that is packed with cosmetics will also be offered. Although Season 2 is approaching its end, any items that players have yet to acquire will be added to the game’s standard loot pools. Learn more about Deep Rock Galactic Season 03: Plaguefall in their Steam page.

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