Does My Time at Sandrock have multiplayer or coop?


We’re taking a look at whether or not My Time at Sandrock will have multiplayer or coop capability in the game!

Gaming is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family while engaging in a fun activity! This is why more and more players seem to be after the ability to coop or jump into multiplayer in just about every game they spend time in. If you’re wondering if you can join up with friends in My Time at Sandrock, we’ll explore the possibilities in this post.

My Time at Sandrock Multiplayer or Coop

My Time at Sandrock will not have multiplayer or coop at the launch of the early access. Unfortunately, as far as we’re aware, this initial version will feature the single-player story that has some of the first act of the game along with some romance and friendship missions.

The details of this initial launch were revealed on the Steam page for the game:

Early Access will begin with the single-player story model: players will be able to play some of the first act of the game’s story and have access to romance and friendship missions as we implement them.

If you are eagerly waiting multiplayer, you are in luck because they do have plans to add it. On the Kickstarter page for My Time at Sandrock, they discuss that multiplayer will make an appearance and support up to at least 4 players in an open world map that is separate from the single-player map!

We’ve heard you, and we are aiming to have a specific game mode for multiplayer, without interfering with our development of single-player. Much is still on the drawing board or in the design phase, but the aim is to support at least 4 players in an open world map, separate from the single-player map. Players will be able to work, fight, and dungeon dive together. We’re also looking to create multiplayer specific missions and storylines. Much of this is dependent on your support!

So, unfortunately you will have to wait a bit before you get to join up with your friends in the game. However, you will get to do so eventually, so you just need to be patient. As for coop specifically, it doesn’t look like that will exist for the game in the main story mode. The multiplayer aspect of the release will be separate from that map completely.

That’s everything you need to know on if My Time at Sandrock is going to have coop or multiplayer! We’ve got a bunch of great related content that you can check out in the Gaming section of our website.

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