Elden Ring: Standard Vs Quality Affinity


There’s a variety of weapons which you could equip as you progress by the Lands Between in Elden Ring. But to battle stronger bosses, you want weapons of upper scaling. You can improve the scaling of a weapon by making use of the Ashes of War and affinities onto the weapon. Speaking of affinities, they not solely improve the facility scaling but additionally provides standing and harm results. You can apply affinities upon getting obtained Whetblades for the affinities. As there are over 12 affinities, gamers are pretty confused about which affinities to decide on. So, right here’s our information on whether or not to decide on commonplace or high quality affinity in Elden Ring.

Standard Vs Quality Affinity in Elden Ring


While the Standard affinity scales the weapon’s attributes to its default stat, Quality affinity balances its Strength and dexterity attributes. Though the standard affinity balances the weapon’s Strength and Dexterity, it lowers the bottom harm. So, Quality affinity can improve the scaling harm of those attributes however cut back base harm. In addition to that, the Quality affinity additionally applies some passive results relying on the Ashes of the struggle.

standard vs quality affinity in elden ring

Although selecting an appropriate affinity for a weapon is solely your option to resolve. It differs and relies upon on the stats of a weapon you might be making use of it onto. If the energy and dexterity attributes are already balanced out, we recommend going for the Standard affinity. Always take a look at the numbers of the Base harm and the Scaling when making use of affinity to a weapon.


Scroll until the tip to search out out all of the affinities and their results.

Elden Ring Weapon Affinities

These are all of the various kinds of affinities you possibly can apply to a weapon:


  • Standard: It is the traditional default state.
  • Sacred: Although it balances out the Holy harm and religion attributes, it decreases all different scaling and base harm.
  • Quality: Balances out the Strength and Dexterity scaling whereas reducing different attributes.
  • Poison: It will increase Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane scaling. Also provides a Poison build-up standing impact.
  • Occult: Though will increase Arcane scaling decreases different attributes and scaling.
  • Magic: Balances out the Magic and Intelligence scaling at the price of bodily base harm. While rising Magic protection lowers all different defenses.
  • Lightning: Boosts the Dexterity and provides Lightning harm. But decreases the bottom harm and different attributes.
  • Keen: Increases the Dexterity attributes however reduces different attributes.
  • Heavy: While it will increase the Strength attributes, it reduces all the opposite attributes.
  • Fire: It provides to Fire harm and boosts the Fire defenses. But reduces the bottom harm and one other scaling.
  • Cold/Frost: Enhances the Intelligence scaling however reduces different scaling and base harm.
  • Blood: Increases the Arcane scaling however decreases different attributes and scaling. Adds a Blood loss or Hemorrhage standing build-up.

That’s all the pieces on whether or not to decide on a Standard or high quality affinity in Elden Ring. If you appreciated this information, take a look at our different guides on easy methods to get & use ashes of struggle, crossbow vs bow, and two-handed vs twin wield in Elden Ring proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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