Falling Frontier, a strategy-based sci-fi game, reveals the March of Titan trailer


Experience space exploration and combat like never before in Falling Frontier, coming to PC via Steam and GOG in 2022.

Falling Frontier is a sci-fi RTS where intelligence, data, and logistics determine whether you win or lose. This strategy-based game from Stutter Fox Studios and Hooded Horse is coming to PC via Steam and GOG in 2022.

The Falling Frontier Official March of Titan trailer showcases one area within the game, The Forge, located deep in Titan-controlled space. You get to see Earth as a Martian fleet battle with Titan forces. 

Falling Frontier is a game where ship design, surveillance, and logistics are critical to your survival. You must use your first spaceport in orbit as your home base, but you aren’t alone. Rivals from old colonial wars that divided humankind have also arrived in the same star system.

You must explore the procedurally generated star system and build and upgrade shipyards, supply depots, and reconnaissance stations as you search for new technologies to unlock incredible features. 

Combat is a combination of intuition and mechanics. If your aim is off, you could accidentally hit something else and destroy or damage subsystems. What’s exciting and fun about the space combat in this game is that you can use smaller spacecraft to defeat larger vessels through subterfuge and superior tactics. This is why it’s essential to gain intelligence and do reconnaissance. You can severely hinder your opponents by raiding supplies, blockading colonies, or using guerrilla tactics. So, use scout ships and recon stations to gain information. 

There are over 20 different types of ships available in Falling Frontier. You can choose your own weapons or designs and other components that best suit your strategy. You can also employ many crew members, each with unique talents and abilities.

Falling Frontier will test your skills and intuition as you take on a new star system. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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