Former corrections officer sentenced for smuggling medicine, phones into prison


A former state correctional officer was sentenced to some years in federal prison on Thursday for repeatedly smuggling medicine and mobile phones to prisoners at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility as a method to make additional money.

Chula Vista’s Anivar Navarro (43 years earlier) Plead guilty In 2017, he filed a drug distribution plot and bribe in federal courtroom docket in San Diego, a number of 12 months after his arrest.

Prosecutors said Navarro was part of a group of dozens of people inside and open air Otaimesa Prison. He was employed by Martin Gomez, a prisoner of Donovan on the time, and coordinated his efforts. Gomez organized for an outsider to smuggle the smuggled gadgets to Donovan, instructed a specific prisoner to acquire the merchandise, and delivered it to a unique prisoner.

Gomez knew that Navarro, who had been in prison since 2003, needed additional money, the prosecutor said. Safety guards had been paid $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per baggage. This happens 2-4 situations a month from 2014 to 2016. Navarro has admitted to creating a whole of $ 45,000 in bribes, in accordance with a judicial transaction.

In conserving with prosecutors, Gomez continued to perform an illegal pipeline even when he was transferred from Donovan to a unique facility in Los Angeles.

In conserving with courtroom docket paperwork, Navarro was arrested in 2016 by the FBI and the Division of Inner Affairs of the State Correctional Rehabilitation Division for attempting to smuggle 10 ounces of methamphetamine and 4 ounces of heroin into prison.

In conserving with the grievance, the investigation included monitoring Navarro meeting with the prisoner’s girlfriend at hand over the smuggled gadgets, and recording a cellphone dialog.

Gomez was found accountable and sentenced to twenty years in prison in 2019. He can provide half that concurrently the state’s beliefs. The reverse 10 co-defendants had been moreover found accountable and convicted.

“Anibal Navarro abused his place, betrayed his oath as a prison officer, and impressed plots along with smuggling dangerous medicine and cell phones into the state’s prison system, whereas prisoners had been imprisoned. Additionally made it attainable to proceed the prison enterprise, “Turner said in a press launch.

Former corrections officer sentenced for smuggling medicine, phones into prison Source link Former corrections officer sentenced for smuggling medicine, phones into prison

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