Gran Turismo 7 releases full details for new 1.26 Update


Gran Turismo 7 will add 3 new cars, a Michelin Raceway, and a highly demanded feature.

Gran Turismo 7, this year’s latest sequel in the hit racing series, will officially add three new cars, a new circuit, and the long-awaited ability to sell vehicles in their personal garage. The 1.26 update will arrive later today, at 10 PM pacific time. Here’s the full statement from PlayStation’s feed:

Selling vehicles is absolutely the highlight of today’s announcement. It feels like selling cars should have been a fundamental feature of this game, but somehow, it hasn’t been available until this update.

For a series that capitalizes on its realism, it’s always been odd that Gran Turismo 7 didn’t allow players to do this. It doesn’t necessarily get in the way of the gameplay, which is solid. But it’s certainly been frustrating, and quality of life features matter more in the long run.

The garage will be so much more flexible now, so the new feature is genuinely renewing a lot of interest. Even when a series has a loyal fanbase, you can’t always rely entirely on your brand to retain them if you lose your basics.

The new cars will be Ford’s Cosworth ’87, BMW’s Competition ‘18, and Nissan’s S14 Silvia. Gran Turismo 7 continues to expand its catalog of vehicles in unexpected ways. There are plenty of fan favorites in-game already, and many of the new additions seek out models that could run differently, and it adds a lot more replay value than some might expect.

The game is probably a little underrated, even if its courses could use more variety. The Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Race Circuit will be added today, which is gorgeous and has a nice theme. But it isn’t the most thrilling, in terms of the setting.

You can read more about Gran Turismo 7 and other racing hits by checking out the rest of our news section.

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