Halo Infinite Forge leaks tease auto turrets


Leaked Halo Infinite footage hints at the auto turrets fans could expect in the upcoming Forge mode.

The latest Halo Infinite leaks hint at the likelihood of auto turrets in an upcoming Forge mode, which would greatly expand the creative potential from fans.

There’s about half a minute of leaked footage, which you can check out on Twitter thanks to Rebs Gaming and Alpha Archive:

It’s made clear that these turrets are still unfinished models, so if they aren’t exactly what you were hoping for, there’s still room for improvements when official reveals unfold.

Halo Infinite has had serious backlash lately over the severe lack of content, which is a complete 180 from launch, when fans were simply pleased with the game going back to basics as a free-to-play release.

Over time, with “events” under Infinite’s belt, it’s become more obvious that big changes need to be made. One of the best possible shortcuts would be Forge mode, which basically allows fans to create their own content.

That kind of freedom became one of the staples in the franchise with Halo 3’s sandbox, so it was a huge misstep to overlook forge with Infinite. Forge has been evolving with the series for a long time, but now it looks like fans could finally see auto turrets.

Players have been dreaming of features like this since day one, because it would allow countless changes to custom games. This includes original ideas for campaigns, mini-games and more. Auto turrets are a massive obstacle that opens the floodgates for survival maps, puzzle maps and more.

Interactive features bring custom maps and designs to life in a crucial way. It used to be necessary to download modded maps for unique purposes, allowing objects to disappear or move, and even increasing the budget restrictions.

For now, the leaked turrets seem a little clunky, and the art design is a little odd. It’s stuck somewhere between the cuteness of Portal and the military pragmatism that fits Halo.

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