How To Automatically Make Your Images SEO Friendly

Screen readers used by visual impaireds or narration software and web crawlers use alt tags (also known as alt text) to understand what an image is all about.

Similarly, when a browser fails to load an image (due to slow connection, etc.), this is what the browsers show on the screen.

“The more you optimize your posts and website for a blind, the better the search engines will understand your content.”

Back In January, I wrote a post on some of the best alternatives to SEO friendly images plugin in which I found two plugins which were:

  1. SEO Image Toolbox
  2. SEO Image Optimizer

to be very effective in making images you upload on your WordPress blog SEO-friendly by automatically inserting ALT tags.

In this post, I’ll share with you a full tutorial, which will include how to make your image SEO friendly, and most importantly, automatically.

I use SEO Image Toolbox on BforBloggers. The first thing you need to do is install the SEO ImageTool box plugin. This one plugin is enough to handle all your Image SEO optimization efforts.

Surprisingly, this plugin also helps you optimize your links to open in a new tab, helping in a bounce rate reduction of your blog.

SEO Image Toolbox plugin to make images SEO friendly automatically

After you have installed the SEO Image Tool plugin, go to the Tools menu from your WordPress dashboard. Here, all you need to do is click on the button update tags.

SEO Toolbox ‹ BforBloggers – automatically inserted alt tags for image SEO

Once you click that, it will take a few seconds for the plugin to update each image’s alt tags. Here in the screenshot above, you can see how the SEO image toolbox updated a total number of 668 alt tags.

This includes images that were having alt tags already and those too, which didn’t.

Click on the save settings button to save the new alt tags. That’s it.

The SEO Image Tool Box will automatically generate alt tags for each image you upload based on their name. Remember to rename your image the same as you would like to have your alt tag be.

SEO Image Optimizer is another useful plugin that is more advanced when compared to SEO Image Toolbox.

You can also install this particular plugin if you wish to have more control over your image alt tags. If you want to choose this one, here is the tutorial.

SEO Images optimizer plugin tutorial

Go to the SEO Image Optimizer menu from your WordPress dashboard. You have to enter what should be added to your images as alt tags in the plugin settings. The available values are:-

  • %Site Name
  • %Image name
  • %Post Title
  • %Post Category
  • %Post Tag

SEO Images Optimizer by Weblizar proper settings

The settings of the value for the appropriate automatic alt tag generation would be

  • %Image Name

Do not add %category or %tag values. It will get you in trouble with duplicate images.

Click on the save options. That’s it.

From now onwards, every time you publish a post, SEO Image Optimizer will automatically insert an alt text in each of the images you add to your post.

The best part, this plugin will also compress your images without reducing their quality hence making your overall site more SEO optimized. Always remember to name your images/pictures precisely what they are about.

Do you use this technique for your WordPress blog? Share your experience in the comments section below.

What’s next?

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