How to Heal in Forspoken


If you’re trying to figure out how to dodge in Forspoken to reduce damage taken, we have a guide on how to dodge as well as how to unlock the ability!

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, a New Yorker who has been transported to the stunning, yet torturous, land of Athia, and she has to use her magical powers to cross the land and get back home. If you’re trying to figure out how to heal Frey in Forspoken to reduce damage taken, we have a guide on the different ways you can heal in the game!

How to heal

In the early game, you will need to use Healing Draughts to increase Frey’s health. These can be found in-game and crafted, and Frey can hold up to six of these in her inventory. You can often find Healing Draughts in Refuges, which are rest stops scattered throughout Athia. Later in the game, as Frey learns more spells, she can use different magical spells that offer healing.

Tendril is one of Frey’s Magic spells that snakes out an ivy whip that deals damage over the surrounding area and then heals based on how much damage was done. Leach creates poison-curing plants that also automatically heal Frey. Under Olas’ Magic, Frey can unlock Sublimation, which enables her to absorb life force from the surrounding area.

Finally, if you have time or are near a Refuge, you can rest there to heal up rather than using a Healing Draught. You can also set up camp by using firewood and rest, which will also restore Frey’s health.

How to make a Healing Draught

To craft a Healing Draught, you will need to combine two Balm Flax at a crafting station, which you’ll find at Refuges or by setting up a camp using firewood. You can also increase Frey’s capacity to hold Healing Draughts if you have three nuggets and use them to craft an increase medicine pouch capacity.

How to get Balm Flax

Balm Flax is an item that you’ll forage as you explore the land of Athia. It is a fairly common resource, given it is necessary in order to make Healing Draughts.

How to get Nuggets

Nuggets can be found in Pilgrims’ Refuges and occasionally by completing detours (side quests). They are harder to obtain!

Hopefully, we helped you figure out how to heal Frey in Forspoken! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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