How to watch Eurovision 2022 online: Dates, songs and free live streams


Get ready to rock because it’s nearly time to watch Eurovision 2022 online! Yes, the annual international battle of the bands is back! The Eurovision Song Contest 2022  takes place throughout this week, culminating on Saturday with the Grand Final.

A total of 40 countries are participating in the 65th edition of the contest. Eurovision 2021 semi-finals will feature 35 countries in total (which would have been 36, but Russia was barred from participating due to its invasion of Ukraine.) 

Then, the Eurovision 2022 grand-final will consist of the top vote-getters from the semi-finals alongside the teams from “the Big Five” (Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain). “The Big Five,” if you’ve never heard the term, is the group of countries that contribute the largest financial amounts to the European Broadcasting Union. 

Eurovision 2022 is happening in Turin, Italy, following Italy’s victory at Eurovision 2021, where Måneskin’s song “Zitti e buoni” took the title. While the Netherlands government lowered live audience capacity to 80 percent for last year, it doesn’t appear that the Eurovision audiences in Turin are going to be limited. 

Here’s everything you need to watch Eurovision 2022 online.

How to watch Eurovision 2022 online, from anywhere on Earth

Just because Eurovision isn’t streaming on any channels in your country doesn’t mean you need to miss out! Watching along with the rest of the internet can be easy these days. With the right VPN (virtual private network), you can stream the show from wherever you go.

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How to watch Eurovision 2022 in the U.K. for free

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Brits can watch Eurovision 2022 on BBC and BBC iPlayer. It’s totally free to view; you’ll need to register, but there’s no cost.

The two semi-final shows are scheduled on Tuesday (May 10) and Thursday (May 12), at 8 p.m. BST and airing on BBC Three.

The grand final is Saturday (May 14) at 8 p.m. BST and airing on BBC One. BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds will also broadcast Eurovision 2022.

How to watch Eurovision 2022 in the U.S.

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Fantastic news (again), for Americans who want to watch Eurovision 2022! After Peacock (one of the best streaming services) added Eurovision at the last second last year, the event is coming back for another round. Peacock is available on most of the best streaming devices, including Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast with Google TV and Apple TV.

Semi-final 1 airs at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT on Tuesday (May 10), while semi-final 2 airs at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT on Thursday (May 12).

The Eurovision 2022 Grand Final round streams live at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT on Saturday (May 14).

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How to watch Eurovision 2022 in Australia

In Australia, Eurovision 2022 is on SBS and SBS On Demand, and it will be broadcast both at the live time of airing (which is extremely early) and during primetime (at a more normal hour).

The first semi-finals are on Wednesday (May 11) at 5 a.m. AEST, with a rebroadcast on Friday (May 13) at 8:30 p.m..

The second semi-finals are on Friday (May 13)  at 5 a.m. AEST, with a rebroadcast on Saturday (May 14) at 8:30 p.m..

The grand finals are on Sunday (May 15) at 5 a.m. AEST, with a rebroadcast on Sunday (May 15) at 7:30 p.m..

Can you watch Eurovision 2022 in Canada?

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OMNI Television enabled you to watch Eurovision live streams in Canada, but that’s not confirmed to be the case this year.

As we mentioned above, Eurovision is the perfect time to check out a VPN service such as ExpressVPN, to help you avoid geofencing restrictions.

How to listen to Eurovision 2022 songs early

Eurovision’s YouTube Channel has already published a full playlist of the Eurovision 2022 songs, and we’ve embedded it below!

Eurovision 2022 countries, artists and songs

A total of 40 countries are competing in Eurovision 2022. 

Competing for the “Big Five” are:

  • France: Alvan and Ahez, “Fulenn”
  • Germany: Malik Harris, “Rockstars”
  • Italy: Mahmood & Blanco, “Brividi”
  • Spain: Chanel, “SloMo”
  • United Kingdom: Sam Ryder, “Space Man”

The other 35 countries — which will be competing in the semi-finals — musicians and songs are (in alphabetical order) as follows. Russia (represented by Yaroslava Simonova) was going to be in the semi-finals, but the European Broadcasting Union excluded Russia’s participation because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • Albania: Ronela Hajati, “Sekret”
  • Armenia: Rosa Linn, “Snap”
  • Australia: Sheldon Riley, “Not the Same”
  • Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria, “Halo”
  • Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli, “Fade to Black”
  • Belgium: Jérémie Makiese, “Miss You”
  • Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project, “Intention”
  • Croatia: Mia Dimšić, “Guilty Pleasure”
  • Cyprus: Andromache, “Ela”
  • Czech Republic: We Are Domi, “Lights Off”
  • Denmark: REDDI, “The Show”
  • Estonia: Stefan, “Hope”
  • Finland: The Rasmus, “Jezebel”
  • Georgia: Circus Mircus, “Lock Me In”
  • Greece: Amanda Tenfjord, “Die Together”
  • Iceland: Sigga, Beta and Elín, “Með hækkandi sól”
  • Ireland: Brooke, “That’s Rich”
  • Israel: Michael Ben David, “I.M”
  • Latvia: Citi Zēni, “Eat Your Salad”
  • Lithuania: Monika Liu, “Sentimentai”
  • Malta: Emma Muscat, “I Am What I Am”
  • Moldova: Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov, “Trenulețul”
  • Montenegro: Vladana, “Breathe”
  • The Netherlands: S10, “De diepte”
  • North Macedonia: Andrea, “Circles”
  • Norway: Subwoolfer, “Give That Wolf a Banana”
  • Poland: Ochman, “River”
  • Portugal: Maro, “Saudade, saudade”
  • Romania: WRS, “Llámame”
  • San Marino: Achille Lauro, “Stripper”
  • Serbia: Konstrakta, “In corpore sano”
  • Slovenia: LPS, “Disko”
  • Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs, “Hold Me Closer”
  • Switzerland: Marius Bear, “Boys Do Cry”
  • Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra, “Stefania”
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