Jamie Lynn Spears to Britney: Stop Lying! You’re Gonna Get Me Killed!


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When the select ended the power of authorized skilled she had been struggling for 13 years, Britney Spears was often ready to drive her father out of her life with out finish.

I can’t see these two being configured.

However what if it turns into her sister?

The feud between Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears seems to be scorching.

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For the last few months, Britney openly dumped her brother in the trash As a results of she pretended to take care of his or her seemingly horrible father, who had full administration over Britney’s career and funds.

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The singer recurrently acknowledged he was a sufferer of abuse beneath the exploitative thumbs of Jamie Spears.

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And in her opinion?

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Neither her sister nor her mother, Rin, tried or acknowledged one thing about it for better than a decade.

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Flash forward on Wednesday, Jamie Lin is sitting for an interview with Good Morning America to promote her subsequent memoir.

“That love continues to be 100% left. I like my sister. I like and help her and she or he simply did the appropriate factor. She is aware of it.” Jamie Lin told Juju Chan At GMA.

“So I don’t know why we’re on this place proper now.”

Jamie Lynn admitted that she and Britney weren’t notably intimate, nonetheless nonetheless …

“I’ve solely tried to assist, so the notion of claiming the other is completely ridiculous,” she added.

The actress went on to make clear that when Britney was put into the power of authorized skilled in 2008, she was nonetheless a teenager.

“I’ve at all times been my sister’s largest supporter,” continued Spears.

“When she desires help, I organize a way to accomplish that, and the contacts she desires to go ahead and end this security and end all this for our family. Didn’t disturb me to ensure that I’ve. “

However after listening to these quotes from her brother, Britney became more angry..

“I noticed it with a fever of 104 levels, lol, and having a really excessive fever is definitely a bit good because it had to give in to what I didn’t care about “I did,” the Grammy winner tweeted ultimate night.

The artist outlined that one of many essential irritating points about Jamie Lynn’s comment was when she outlined “how my conduct was uncontrolled.”

This will want to have been a reference to a broadly printed breakdown whereby Britney shaved her head and arrived on the hospital anxious about her well-being.

“I used to be a much bigger individual than ordinary,” continued Britney, and Jamie Lynn acknowledged, “I wasn’t spherical me about 15 years prior to now on the time … so she needs to promote books at my expense. If not, why are they talking about it? Actually? “

Elsewhere, Britney emphasised Jamie Lynn’s frustration with singing a medley of her songs on the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

“It may sound ridiculous to most people, nonetheless I wrote various songs and my sister was a toddler.

“She didn’t have to work for one thing. Every little thing was at all times given to her !!!” Britney tweeted Thursday.

Additionally equipped with a pop star: “I hope your guide works, Jamie Lynn !!!”

And she or he concluded yesterday:

My family “ruined my needs 100 billion p.c and tried to make me look crazy whereas I had a fever of 104 ranges and couldn’t switch in mattress!

“My household loves to pull me down and at all times harm me. I’m so uninterested in them !!”

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears split (January 14, 2022)


Queue Jay Meerin’s response Britney’s response.

“Brit, I’m at all times right here for you, you understand behind the scenes I’m at all times right here,” she wrote on Instagram.

“In case your dialog or personal textual content doesn’t match what you posted on social media, you’re exhausted.”

She added:

“Frankly, what’s being acknowledged is totally not true. Because of my aunt’s vagueness, it’s troublesome to rationalize to my eldest daughter why our family continues to be threatened with murder. Posts accused of getting to clarify it.

“Particularly when she is aware of she will inform the reality, and if she desires, she will get all of it carried out in a second.”

Jamie Lynn moreover refuted Britney’s declare that she was selling her new information, What i ought to have acknowledged, On the “price” of her sister.

Jamie Lynn’s Conclusion:

I hate bursting my sister’s bubble, nonetheless my information isn’t about her. I can’t help being born as a Spears, and that a couple of of my experience has to do with my sister.

I’ve been working onerous since I used to be a teenager, and no matter being any person’s sister, I’ve constructed a career.

There’s no aspect, I don’t want to drama, nonetheless I’m telling the truth to heal the trauma, so I can shut this chapter and switch on. I need my sister may do the an identical.

It doesn’t matter what happens, I always love my sister and am proper right here for her. It’s time to put an end to the unhealthy turmoil that has dominated my life for a really very long time.

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