Jett: The Far Shore will get a free campaign update this month


Jett: The Far Shore will add 12 more hours of gameplay in the new Given Time DLC!

Jett: The Far Shore, 2021’s hit open world adventure game from developers Superbrothers and Pine Scented Software, has just announced a free update extending the main campaign. The DLC, titled “Given Time”, will roll out on January 31st, 2023.

Given Time is set three years after the events of the main campaign, continuing Mei’s story. It is expected to extend the campaign by at least 12 hours of gameplay. Here’s the full trailer and details from PlayStation’s YouTube channel:

Jett: The Far Shore subverts the limits of its budget thanks to its innovative art design, which delivers more spectacle than most competitors in the genre. In fact, there’s so much innovation and sprawling creativity in its visuals, that the rest of its features have drawn middling reviews.

However, adding 12 more hours to the campaign for free is a remarkable incentive for players to revisit the game. Few content updates of that size are released for free. It also presents another chance for the devs to tie certain themes and ideas together from the existing story.

With such an extensive DLC, there’s ample opportunity, and any new scenic exploration will certainly be a thrill. Jett: The Far Shore’s official Steam page adds that Mei’s story will indeed be concluded with the DLC, and that gameplay will feel be more “free-roaming and player-driven”.

The dev teams have always flaunted their unorthodox approach to the game, which has made it less accessible in exchange for a niche value. So, reviews were always going to be a little divided. Today’s trailer makes it clear that Jett: The Far Shore wasn’t truly complete without Given Time, so hopefully players are willing to give this another try.

Also, now that Jett: The Far Shore will finally be resolved, it’ll be very intriguing to see where Superbrothers and Pine Scented Software go next.

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