Luke Skywalker is coming to Fortnite


Luke Skywalker could be coming to Fortnite thanks to a new leak. Read more about Luke Skywalker in Fortnite now.

There has been a lot of talk among fans about how much of a role Star Wars was going to play in Fortnite‘s future. In recent months the leak of Darth Vader on the Battle Pass has raised the question about what’s going to happen with the character this season. Now, a new item in the files points toward another famous character coming to the game.

Data miners like HYPEX shared what they found in the game’s files on Twitter. Epic Games apparently added a new green lightsaber for a Luke character and it seems like he may become a new NPC or skin in the game. Given that Darth Vader is gliding around the map, this could point to Darth Vader having more to do on the map than just a flyby of the Battle Bus.

This would be the third Star Wars skin that Epic has added in as many months, pointing toward a strong collaboration with Disney. Considering the entertainment giant allows Epic to bring back the Blaster Rifles and Lightsabers each year for May 4, it makes sense they would continue to introduce new characters from the franchise.

While not much is known about the future of this season, it seems like no coincidence that Darth Vader is in the game shortly before his son appears as well. Fans could even see the recreation of the famous scene where Vader gives his iconic line. Perhaps Darth Vader could become a new mini-antagonist during the Fortnite Vibin season.

The only thing that’s been added to the game so far has been Luke’s lightsaber, but the data miners say it’s currently for an NPC. Luke has never been an NPC in Fortnite before, so it seems that Epic will be adding him sometime in the coming weeks or months. Maybe he’ll land on the island in a similar way to Darth Vader, flying beside the Battle Bus.

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