Marvel’s Avengers showcase The Winter Soldier’s abilities ahead of DLC release


The Winter Soldier will finally arrive in Marvel’s Avengers, offering his powerful and devastating skill set!

Marvel’s Ultimate anti-hero, The Winter Soldier, is coming to Marvel’s Avengers. Recently, Marvel’s Avengers has provided an overview of the Winter Soldier’s skill set, allowing players to know how to make the most of his abilities.

The Winter Soldier, otherwise known as Bucky Barnes, is the loyal sidekick of Captain America. Bucky was revived by Department X, a shadowy Soviet covert agency, after he was seemingly killed in the explosion that left Captain America frozen in ice. Bucky was equipped with a bionic arm and trained in hand-to-hand fighting and shooting by the Soviets, unleashing his lethal mix of power and accuracy. Watch The Winter Soldier – Abilities Featurette, courtesy of Marvel’s Avengers’ official Youtube channel:

As a damage powerhouse, The Winter Soldier excels in both close-quarters combat and medium-range marksmanship. His customizable combat kit distinguishes him from other Heroes, making him a flexible and unique addition to Marvel’s Avengers roster.

Bucky can modify his base abilities by turning on his Intrinsic Ability Steel-Forged Tenacity. This is charged by parrying damage, leading to a customizable defensive boost. Meanwhile, Red Star Rising, Bucky’s Intrinsic Overcharge, causes an explosion of area-of-effect damage, effective for clearing small enemies with a time-based bonus that grants improved moderate armor and increased melee damage.

The Winter Soldier also has an impressive array of Intrinsic Attacks, including a Light Sprint called Glinting Blade, which deals damage with his knife. His Heavy Sprint, Explosive Entrance, allows bucky to perform a powerful slam that sends enemies flying. Bucky’s Natural Fighter Light Combo is a flurry of punches along with a kick and knife combo finisher. Bucky’s hallmark air attack, So Below, crashes into the ground, causing a shock wave that stuns adjacent foes and sends them flying with a powerful combo finisher, a metal arm bionic ground pound.

Bucky’s Heavy Power Attack, Buckshot, can be upgraded to a combination ranged attack that gives access to various modes of his rifle, including fully automatic fire, high-powered piercing rounds, and his grenade launcher. The Winter Soldiers’ Ranged Attack, Suppressive Fire, blasts three high-damage rounds when charged up he fires a single high-powered round that can pierce armor or even multiple enemies at once. The Winter Soldier can cover ground quickly with his grappling hook and wall run abilities. Bucky calls his Support Heroic, Soldier Tech Nonsense, which gives him an advantage in a fight through the personal stealth field it generates.

Air Strike is Bucky’s Assault Heroic which allows him to call in an airstrike to set a target that drops multiple bombs in succession on the battlefield. Unleash The Winter Soldier’s room-clearing Ultimate Heroic, Protocol Override, to execute a bionic smash that stops foes and marks them for assassination within a 40-meter radius around Bucky. This enables Bucky and his teammates to eliminate enemies instantaneously without needing to stun them. In addition, his melee damage increases and he has been granted a new knife light combo attack 

The Winter Soldier has arrived and he brings his powerful and devastating skill set to Marvel’s Avengers. The Winter Soldier makes his Marvel’s Avengers debut in patch 2.7, available on November 29th.

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