Michigan football’s Jim Harbaugh on Cade McNamara, JJ McCarthy

INDIANAPOLIS — Here’s what Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh said at the podium Thursday afternoon, in the first of two scheduled appearances at Big Ten media days

On the new staff: 

“So there’s been a number of new hires on the coaching staff. The thing that I think they all have in common, what they know about football, experience, the teachers that they are, and the other thing is just how they’ve come together — the trust. When I sit in the defensive room and Mike Macdonald our coordinator is talking, there’s input coming from Coach (Steve Clinkscale) and George Helow and Shaun Nua, the dialogue that’s going on in the room is really tremendous. Coach (Ron) Bellamy as well has brought so much. Nobody’s afraid to talk, nobody’s afraid to put their opinion out there, it gets batted around, I love that. There are tremendous analysts. Doug Mallory, Coach (Ryan) Osborn, Joe Staab, it’s a really good room. Dylan (Roney) and Steve. It’s almost like a scrimmage is going on. Ideas are flowing and getting talked through. It’s a fun, exciting room. You can tell there’s trust in the room. Guys can speak their mind and be heard. They bat it around and they get to a good result. That’s been tremendous.