Multiplayer shooter “Hyenas” revealed during Summer of Gaming 2022


Sega has officially announced multiplayer shooter “Hyenas”, featuring Zero G battles and Sonic the Hedgehog merch.

Partnering with IGN for a Summer of Gaming livestream, Sega has officially announced the brand-new title Hyenas for X with the tagline “steal the show”.

You can review all of the footage for yourself on IGN’s official YouTube channel here:

The announcement began with a new trailer featuring loads of sci-fi action and a surprising sense of humor. The story is set in the future, where the rich live on Mars after their technology destroyed the Earth, and they simply left ordinary citizens behind.

Players will assume the roles of thieves trying to rob them of their beloved nostalgic merch, which is shipped to Mars with spaceships. These thieves are the titular “Hyenas”, and each one will have distinguishable personalities.

Creative Director Charlie Bewsher explains that in this fast-paced multiplayer game, five teams of three will battle each other using high-tech weapons and gear to engage, evade and steal their way to victory.

The trailer also features some very fun in-game rewards, known as merch, which will seem to include a Rubik’s Cube and a keychain Sonic the Hedgehog.

That’s not the only easter egg, given a tiny Atari pin hidden in the trailer, and even a classic Sony Walkman. But this nostalgia bait is pardoned thanks to canon, where the rich specifically seek out old pop culture.

The art design and characters are fueled by rich lore, while the combat is inspired by the asymmetrical experiences and unpredictable gameplay of the Battle Royale genre.

Teammates can be respawned, and stealing merch from vaults will play a large role. “Engage, evade, exploit” was the throughline for gameplay mechanics. It’s focused on movement and decision-making, with a higher TTK than traditional shooters like CS:GO.

But it also seems like chaos is one of the cornerstones of the design, with systems like Zero G battles and exploding barrels. You can read about other new titles like Hyenas, and more popular shooters in our news section!

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