Need for Speed Unbound brings Stability fixes and more for January Update


Need for Speed Unbound fixes stability issues and brings balancing to cars for update 1.1.4.

EA Games is back with a new update to address some stability issues for Need for Speed Unbound. As mentioned in a previous update in December, EA Games is also working on launching the live service for Need for Speed Unbound.

Today, Need for Speed Unbound releases its Update 1.1.4 or the January Update. This update brings improvements to the game’s stability, as well as some balance tweaks for a couple of cars and other content. Here’s a rundown of the 1.1.4 patch, as published on the official website for Need for Speed Unbound:


Golf GTI 1976

  • Rebalanced the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) to reduce its acceleration in high gears
  • Fixed an issue with the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) that caused its gearbox options to not affect its top speed, as expected

Koenigsegg Regera

  • Reduced the top-end acceleration of the Koenigsegg Regera and adjusted its cornering ability


  • Improved the quality of VOIP for our PS5 players

Save Game Error/ Progress Reset

  • Added a warning message when the game fails to autosave correctly to reduce the potential of lost progress

PC Min Specs Warning

  • Added a warning message when the game detects a below min spec configuration

Stability improvements

  • Multiple stability improvements to reduce the potential for game crashes

Along with the release of the update 1.1.4 patch notes, NFS Unbound has reiterated that a series of free content updates, which will include new features, experiences, content drops, and more, will be available soon. EA Games is also currently working on delivering the first content update to Lakeshore, and more information about this update will be disclosed in March

Likewise, Need for Speed Unbound looks forward to any feedback, suggestions, bugs and issues that players may share to improve overall experience in Lakeshore. 

You can discover more coverage of EA titles, like Need for Speed Unbound, in the news section of our website.

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