NYT Crossword January 26 2023 Answers (1/26/23)


Here are all of the answers to today’s NYT Crossword puzzle for January 26 2023 to help you finish it up!

The New York Times has been publishing Crosswords since 1942, and there is the regular, full-sized Crossword along with the Mini Crossword. This post shares all of the answers to the NYT Crossword published January 26 2023.

NYT Crossword Answers Guide

Here are all of the answers for the recent New York Times Crossword. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!) You can also find an ongoing post of the latest NYT Crossword answers.

  • Gradually develop, literally
  • Doozy
  • Gradually develop, literally
  • Cuba’s ___ Castro, brother of Fidel
  • Kind of group in chemistry
  • Like many indie films
  • Last monarch of the House of Stuart
  • Barber’s belt
  • Trademarked coffee holder
  • Sierra ___ (Mexican range, informally)
  • Comicdom’s “Queen of the Jungle”
  • Things you might save while driving
  • More aged, as some cheeses
  • Aptly named mascot of the 2000 Olympics
  • Jean-___ Picard of “Star Trek”
  • “Watch it!”
  • Boom producer, once: Abbr.
  • Leaves in the kitchen?
  • Developing phenomena literally depicted three times in this puzzle
  • One way an animal may be held
  • Shakespearean cries
  • The “Gateway to the West”
  • Chinwagging
  • In a bind
  • Google ___, service beginning in 2017
  • Name hidden in “oleomargarine”
  • Way off
  • Gradually develop, literally
  • Company originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports
  • Commoner
  • “Let’s ___!”
  • Is the real deal
  • Kitchen gadget with an edge
  • French season
  • Butterfly, but not a caterpillar
  • Hole maker
  • Norse god of war
  • “Are you down for this?”
  • Pop-pop
  • Farm storehouse
  • Punished for the weekend, perhaps
  • Beer containers
  • One might hit a very low pitch
  • Many an essential worker, for short
  • Put on
  • Game in which the object is to score 500 points
  • High-quality
  • Total phony
  • Some surgical tools
  • Enormous amounts to spend
  • “As far as I’m concerned …”
  • Sushi staple that isn’t served raw
  • Put a fork in it!
  • Quantity contrasted with a vector, in physics
  • Most like a wallflower
  • Foxy
  • Ink holder
  • Kind of power in math
  • Early 2010s
  • You might make waves when you lie about this
  • Bunch of bits
  • Shaving canful
  • Fried food whose name translates to “breaded”
  • Big name in juice pouches
  • All-time go-between
  • Crestfallen
  • Fabled visitors to 49-Down, in brief
  • Southwest city in 1947 news
  • Screen display
  • Kerfuffle
  • Opposite of dry, to a vintner
  • Evidencing physical exertion
  • Suffer in the summer heat
  • Spot for firing
  • “At Last” singer James
  • Palindromic word in classic poetry
  • Hem’s partner

We also recommend trying your hand at the Mini Crossword, which is definitely easier (on all days!) as it is 5×5, compared to the full-sized crossword (which is 15×15, and the Sunday edition is 21×21!). New crosswords are released at 10PM ET on weekdays and 6PM ET on weekends.

If you’re still struggling to solve your NYT crosswords, consider practicing with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first. If you’re looking for similarly challenging crosswords, we recommend the WSJ Crossword and LA Times Crossword.

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