Pokémon Ultimate Journeys releases trailer for Season 25


Pokémon Ultimate Journeys just revealed a trailer with brand-new footage from Season 25!

The Pokémon anime Ultimate Journeys just got a new trailer for the upcoming season 25, slated to continue on May 28th, 2022.

Here’s the official tweet, promising some classic characters in a one-minute promo:

In the US, fans will be able to watch the latest season on Netflix, while Canada will find it on Corus or TELETOON.

Today’s official trailer features a lot of Team Rocket, including old school members like Meowth, Jessie and James. There’s also a surprising amount of spookiness, with plenty of Gengar and ghost-types.

But there’s clearly just as much heart and humor as ever, with amusing Slowpokes and Pikachu dishing out an equal share of cuteness and power. There are more older gen Pokémon than expected this time, especially from Gen III, such as Nincada and Camerupt.

The trailer closes with a promise for Gigantamax action, which completely transforms the appearance of the Pokémon. So, fans may be curious about who exactly Ash will be using in the scene.

Plot Details to expect

The official blog post elaborates on the trailer footage, explaining that the new season will still focus on the Pokémon World Coronation Series.

Goh will try to overcome the trials necessary to join Project Mew. If you need some catching up, this program is collecting trainers to find Mew itself and uncover the origins of all Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Eevee struggle to decide on the right evolution. The options only continue to grow with every passing generation of the core games, so there’s plenty to learn about.

The trailer shows off both Flareon and Jolteon, but there are so many new options that it would be a shame to exchange those possibilities for nostalgia.

Chances are, the show will simply decide to explore the latest evolutions like Sylveon, or keep Eevee from evolving at all. That’s how it turned out for Pikachu in the oldest episodes, when Ash let Pikachu decide about becoming a Raichu.

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