Poppy Playtime’s new chapter costs twice as much as original, even for old players


Poppy Playtime just released chapter two, and players aren’t happy with the pricing.

Poppy Playtime is the latest horror game to catch the attention of popular content creators and their fans. The game asks the player to stay alive as they attempt to deal with the vengeful toys. Unfortunately, the scariest thing about the game right now is the marketing strategy.

The game’s first chapter was originally listed for $4.99, with players purchasing the game knowing that the next chapters would come as DLC. However, what the developer never said was that the main game would become free when the second chapter was released. This means that a wide number of players purchased the main game, only for it to become free a couple of months later.

Not only do players who already bought chapter one have to pay again, but it’s also twice the amount that the base game was. While the original went for $4.99, chapter two is currently listed on Steam for $9.99. This felt like an additional slap in the face for players who bought the original game and now see other players getting in for free.

In a tweet from October of last year, the developer responded to a commenter and stated that all updates to Poppy Playtime would be $4.99 each. However, the developer seems to have changed their mind about the pricing and overall marketing formula.

Users quickly took to the Steam reviews to let out their displeasure with how MOB Games is handling this release. One of the reviews reads, “Made me pay for the first episode, then with the second episode’s release, the first becomes free, and I now have to pay the same amount as someone who has never bought the game.”

Many of the players expressed displeasure and stated that they simply wouldn’t be buying chapter two due to feeling cheated by MOB Games.

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