Riot is testing changes to flashes for a few Valorant agents in PBE


Valorant is rebalancing its gameplay by modifying the flashes of various agents.

Valorant is conducting tests to evaluate the effects of several potential adjustments to flashes for some Agents, particularly Initiators and Duelists, in the Public Beta Environment.

The gameplay of Valorant is continually being refined, and updates are being released in between each new Act to facilitate this process. Players have the opportunity to get early access to upcoming game updates by participating in testing inside the Public Beta Environment. These updates may include potential upgrades to Agents’ talents as well as modifications to map designs.

Throughout this week, Riot is reportedly testing some improvements to flashes for a few Valorant Agents. The test changes will provide more consistency to the responsibilities of Skye, KAY/O, Reyna, and Yoru, in addition to bringing 5.01 Phoenix. The objective of the test is to make certain that Initiators are not outclassing some of Duelists when it comes to producing kills for themselves off of their flashes.

For Initiators, Skye‘s Guiding Light and KAY/O‘s FLASH/DRIVE will undergo adjustments with the purpose of increasing their total teamplay output when coordinating with teammates and decreasing some of their power when played alone, while still rewarding players for mastering their respective flashes.

For Duelists, players may anticipate adjustments to be made to Reyna‘s Leer. These modifications should provide players greater control over when Reyna can peek after casting, and they should also make the ability more effective as a potent angle-breaking weapon against foes on maps with longer sightlines. In an effort to deliver a power buff while maintaining the integrity of counterplay even when utilized outside of Dimensional Drift, Yoru‘s upgrade will make the duration of his flash abilities somewhat longer than before.

Riot is currently evaluating how the modifications will perform and adapt in the future. While the PBE is available in NA only, Valorant will be providing a heads-up to all players. Full notes and changes will be posted on the Valorant PBE subreddit on September 23rd, 4 PM PT.

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