Rocket League announces Birthday Ball mode for 7th anniversary


Rocket League has just announced a new limited-time event with Heatseeker and Knockout returning.

Rocket League is officially going to hit 7 years old, and the devs have decided to celebrate by introducing the Limited Time Event called “Birthday Ball”. The event is expected to roll out on July 6th, and run until July 19th, 2022.

Here’s the official announcement from Rocket League’s Twitter feed, which includes a short easer for the upcoming game mode:

The event will feature two returning limited time modes. The first mode is “Heatseeker”, which will be available between July 6th and the 13th. It’s a 2v2 mode, where the ball has homing abilities that magnetically pull it to the opponent’s goal.

Through the end of the event, players will get to play the LTM “Knockout”. Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics are added for an arena-style battle. The abilities interact like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, where each one loses to another. The last car standing wins the match.

Items and Rewards breakdown

There will also be anniversary cosmetics in the Item Shop, and Birthday Challenges that are worth 300 credits. Players can also earn a Golden Goat Player Banner, Precious Metal Avatar Border, Import Item Drop or 20,000 XP.

During the Birthday Ball event, players will also have the chance to earn Golden Eggs, which can be used to unlock rare items from past Champions Series. You’ll need to complete a challenge five times to unlock new Golden Eggs.

Overall, it’s a little disappointing that a new mode wasn’t created for such a big moment. Fans were already frustrated with the focus on cosmetics over content.

But the eggs are a nice touch, and the returning modes are still considered favorites. In fact, more than a few fans have been asking for Knockout and other LTMs to become permanent. Offering new ways to play a game always invites new players.

You can read more about Rocket League’s latest updates and leaks by checking out our news section!

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