Simone Biles Casually Lands Most Dangerous Yurchenko Vault in Tokyo Olympic Practice Run

Listen, everything else may be going to hell in Tokyo, but not for Simone Biles. The U.S. gymnast dazzled fans Thursday even before she officially competes in the 2020 Summer Games—by posting a video of herself performing a Yurchenko double pike—described as a round-off onto the springboard, followed by a back handspring onto the vault—something no female gymnast has ever done successfully in competition and which Biles did with two handsprings at the end in her practice video. In her post, she wrote 2020 with the open-eyes emoji, as if to tease fans into wondering if she will add it to her competition routine. Gymnastics analysts, however, say she might not perform the dangerous vault during competition because of the risk for injury and, because she doesn’t need it to prove her extreme talent.

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