Sims 4: All Werewolves Aspirations


Aspirations have at all times been part of Sims 4 and the Werewolves sport pack provides extra of them. The enlargement offers gamers 5 new aspirations for his or her Sim. While the primary one is obligatory for each werewolf to finish. The subsequent 4 you may select from and every of them is exclusive in its personal manner. So allow us to shortly examine all of the Werewolf Aspirations in Sims 4 and their milestones.

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Werewolves Aspirations in Sims 4

sims 4 werewolves aspirations
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There are 4 Aspirations you could select from within the Werewolves sport pack. They are:


  • Emissary of the Collective
    • Focuses on you becoming a member of the ranks of Moonwood Collective and changing into the Alpha.
  • Wildfang Renegade
    • Similar to the earlier aspiration, this one makes you be part of the Wildfangs and the ultimate aim right here can be to change into the Alpha.
  • Lone Wolf
    • Unlike the primary two aspirations, this one is a solo journey on your sim to be the strongest.
  • Cure Seeker
    • This aspiration is for these gamers that wish to flip their character again into a traditional Sim as an alternative of staying a Werewolf.

But earlier than we study extra about them, finishing the Werewolf Initiate aspiration is a should. This is the primary aspiration that’s obligatory for each werewolf. Only after that may you choose any of the above 4 aspirations. And to finish the Werewolf Initiate you’ll want to:

  • Become a Werewolf: There are 4 methods so that you can obtain this aim. I like to recommend you examine our devoted information on remodel right into a Werewolf.
  • Level as much as Runt: After changing into a werewolf you’ll want to degree up your ranks.
  • Experience a Full Moon: This you are able to do as soon as there’s a full moon within the sport. The better part is as soon as the moon is out it impacts you even inside your own home. So you don’t essentially should be out within the wild.
  • Read Werewolf Books: As the milestone says learn Werewolf books.


After you might be achieved with the initiation, you’ll get a popup that may allow you to select the above-mentioned aspirations. Below are the Milestones for all of them.

Emissary of the Collective

  • Join the Moonwood Collective: The first aim is to change into a member of the Moonwood Collective wolf pack.
  • Socialize with Werewolf Friends: The subsequent milestone is to make werewolf buddies with the pack and be a part of the neighborhood.
  • Be a Good Werewolf Ambassador: Climb up the ranks whereas being a great werewolf. This means you may’t go round attacking and turning different sims into werewolves.
  • Become Alpha of the Moonwood Collective: The ultimate milestone of this Aspiration. You change into the chief of the Moonwood Collective pack.


Wildfang Renegade

  • Join The Wildfangs: This milestone requires you to affix the Wildfangs as an alternative of Moonwood Collective.
  • Turn Sims Into Werewolves: You have to show 3 regular Sims into werewolves.
  • Werewolf World Domination: Go round combating different werewolves.
  • Become Alpha of the Wildfangs: Here too the ultimate step is to change into the Alpha wolf of the Wildfangs.

Lone Wolf

  • Level as much as Apex: Increase your werewolf Sim’s rank to Apex.
  • Unleash the Beast
  • Spar With Werewolves: Fight with different Werewolves.
  • Defeat Greg in a Werewolf Brawl: Fight and beat Greg.

Cure Seeker – Sims 4 Werewolf Aspirations

  • Harvest Moonpetal: Find and harvest Moonpetal.
  • Collect Wolfsbane: Find and collect Wolfsbane.
  • Craft Wolf-B-Gone: Use the above components to make the Wolf-B-Gone treatment.
  • Drink The Cure: Make your Sim take the treatment and change into regular once more.

That covers all of the Werewolf aspirations in Sims 4 and their Milestones. If you might be enjoying this enlargement and also you want some further assist then you may at all times use the Werewolf cheats. And for extra assist with this enlargement take a look at guides on what tray importer is, repair damaged mods, and extra.

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