Sims 4 Moonpetal: Where To Find & Harvest (Location)


With the newest Werewolf growth, Sims and gamers alike are fairly hyped for some supernatural adjustments. You can both flex these werewolf talents or the withstanding double life can take a toll in your Simmer. If there’s a remedy for Vampirism, there ought to finally be a remedy for werewolves, proper? Yes, there’s a remedy for werewolves! And Moonpetal is likely one of the crafting supplies required to make the remedy. So, right here’s our information on the place to search out and harvest the Moonpetal in Sims 4.

Where to Find & Harvest Moonpetal in Sims 4


  • You can discover the Moonpetal on the Moonwood Mill positioned on the high of the Cave opening.
  • You must journey to the height of the Howling level close to Lake Lunvik.
  • For that, the Werewolf Sim ought to enter the Cave opening to achieve the height. But this flower blooms and will be harvested solely on a Full-Moon day.
sims 4 moonpetal location
Image Source – How To Sims on YouTube.
  • So, you must wait until then to reap it.
  • Open your Calendar to the underside left of your display. You can navigate over the times to search out out the evening’s lunar part.


moonpetal sims 4
Image Source – How To Sims on YouTube.
  • When the moon is fully gray, the Moonpetal shall be good to go for harvesting.
  • You can pace up the time or look ahead to a while to reap the flower.
  • Once the Moonpetal is absolutely bloomed, clicking on it is going to immediate you with the Harvestpossibility.
  • Hit the harvest possibility to get the Moonpetal flower. Then, you’ll find this uncommon flower positioned in your Inventory.

How to Make Werewolf Cure


  • As talked about earlier, Moonpetal is likely one of the crafting supplies for the remedy.
  • Cure seeker is likely one of the aspirations as you full the Werewolf initiation. Check out our information on all of the Werewolf aspirations for extra perception.
  • Choosing this feature revolves round searching for the remedy to proceed life as a traditional Sim.
  • In addition to that, you additionally want Wolfsbane to craft the Wolf-B-Gone remedy.
  • You can discover the Wolfsbane positioned within the Forgotten Hollow in case you have the Vampire pack.
  • If you could have a Vampiric Lore ability above stage 15, you possibly can order its seeds on-line.
  • For that, head over to the Vampire secrets and techniques web site in your pc.
  • Once you could have gathered each the gadgets, you possibly can craft the Wolf-B-Gone remedy.
  • After you could have crafted it, make your werewolf-infected Sim drink the remedy to develop into regular once more.

That’s every thing lined about discover and harvest Moonpetal in Sims 4. If you favored this information, try our different guides on decrease and handle fury, all werewolf books, and Werewolf fated mates in Sims 4 proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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