SMITE Fire God Update: New God, map, and event


SMITE Fire God Update brings a new God, SMITE Crossover Event, conquest map, and skins to the game!

To celebrate ten years of SMITE, the first Update of Year 10 brings a new SMITE Crossover Event, conquest map, God, and skins to the game. These updates will allow players to express their playstyles, explore the universe of Magic: The Gathering and Surtr – The Fire Giant.

Details of the update were obtained from an official Steam post, and we’ve included everything you need to know below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content.

Update of Year 10: Fire God Update

New Conquest Map

This conquest map will allow players to try new strategies and test different playstyles. 

Crossover Event – Magic: The Gathering

During this crossover event, you can play as powerful Planeswalkers and Creatures in a fight over the fate of the Battleground of the Gods.

New God: Surtr – The Fire Giant

Passive – Obsidian Flesh

After he loses enough health, Surtr’s flesh cracks into fragments. When he picks these up, he gains a percentage of his max health over time and Protections for 3 seconds. However, enemies can destroy these fragments by walking over them.

Flames of Muspell

When Surtr sets his sword ablaze, he gains Haste while this buff is active. Surtr’s next successful Basic Attack will deal bonus magical damage and ignite the target, causing them to take damage over time and spawns a Fiery Imp. With every stack (max of 200), this ability’s bonus damage increases when an enemy dies while the burning effect is active.

Giant’s Grasp

With this ability, Surtr pulls the closest target to him, either an enemy lane minion, a Fiery Imp, or a magma rock, if neither is in range. He will then hurl the object forwards, dealing damage and stunning the enemies ahead.


Surtr’s fury creates a ring of embers around him, which provides a Movement Speed buff that increases when enemies are hit while the ability is active. 

The ring deals damage and slows enemies once as it expands or when fully formed and again when it contracts. When it’s formed, the outer ring continuously damages the enemies inside. The ring also picks up Surtr’s Obsidian Flesh fragments.

End of Days

After a brief buildup, Surtr flies into the air and infuses with a large Meteor. While in the air, Surtr is immune to damage. He can also choose where to crash down. 

Before landing, Meteorites split off, targeting enemies on the ground, dealing damage, and spawning Fiery Imps. The  Meteor deal increased damage and knocks up enemies who’ve been hit. 


Surtr also received the following skins:

  • Masteries Surtr
  • Ascended Surtr
  • Azure Flame Surtr

Other God skins are also available, and they include:

  • Karn Atlas
  • Liliana Vess Nu Wa
  • Chandra Nalaar Pele
  • Atraxa Thanatos
  • Jace Beleren Yu Huang
  • Denton Bacchus
  • Web of Fate Arachne
  • Corrupted Commander Cernunnos
  • Infernal Winds Kukulkan
  • Crimson Conqueror Guan Yu
  • Berserker Bow Rama

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