Surviving the Abyss announced for January 2023 with new trailer


A new trailer teases that upcoming city-builder Surviving the Abyss will arrive on Steam next year.

Surviving the Abyss, the latest installment in publisher Paradox Arc’s Surviving series, has just been announced to launch early next year. Today’s announcement trailer reveals that Steam Early Access for the game will be available on January 17th, 2023. For a brief look at the gameplay, you can watch the full trailer on Paradox’s YouTube channel here:

Surprisingly, Paradox has gone with totally different developers across their Surviving series, which includes both Surviving the Aftermath and Surviving Mars. Consequently, it’s hard to tell what fans should expect, even with today’s trailer.

Surviving the Abyss was developed by Rocket Flair Studios, a studio from Ireland that’s also working on Dynasty of the Sands, another city builder set in Ancient Egypt. There are no other titles for reference, but Dynasty of the Sands looks fairly promising so far.

The Surviving series mainly involves colony and city building, each with very unique settings, which present different challenges and moods. The environment has been key for finding new fans, and underwater building will definitely appeal to another variety of players.

Thematic environments are crucial for city builders to stand out, as in the charming wit of Two Point Campus, which continues to perform well and recently celebrated Halloween with a Pumpkin Trophy.

The Surviving series has tremendous potential, with some intriguing technical and thematic ideas. Since there’s still plenty to enjoy, Paradox has built a decent fanbase. Every game in the series has had a solid hook, but it requires some cleaner execution.

Surviving Mars was better received than its predecessor, and it temporarily found a successful boost while it was available on the Xbox Game Pass. However, it still wasn’t without its issues, so hopefully Paradox will be able to find its footing with their upcoming game.

You can read more about Surviving the Abyss and other city builders by checking out the rest of our news section!

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