the complete Guide to European Championship venues & host cities

Euro 2020 stadiums, the complete Guide to European Championship venues & host cities: European Championship tournament is scheduled to take place from June 2021 across twelve different cities in twelve different countries for the first time in the history of the tournament. Michel Platini, former President of UEFA proposed the idea to spread the tournament across different regions of Europe to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament.

Euro 2020 stadiums

Wembley Stadium in London
Wembley Stadium in London is the second biggest stadium of Europe and it is home to the national team of England, while it always stays ahead in the competition. Wembley stadium will host minimum two group games in England. Also, the stadium is renovated in the year 2007, while hosts various sporting fixtures, events and concerts.

Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich
Allianz Arena is one of the modern and sleek stadiums and it is popular for its color changing type of exterior. As home to a successful team i.e. In Germany Bayern Munich stadium gives warm welcome to few of its European fans in each football season. Before this, Allianz Arena stadium hosted semi final matches of FIFA World Cup 2006 and recently, the stadium organized UEFA Nations League.

Stadio Olimpico Stadium in Rome
Stadio Olimpico is the biggest stadium or sports ground in Rome and is home to rivals of fierce Serie A i.e. Lazio and Roma, while hosts the final match of Coppa Italia. Now, Stadio Olimpico is set to host four games at the tournament of Euro 2020, including 3 games of Group A. Also Stadio Olimpico is like home to many other gaming events, like athletics, concerts and the famous rugby team of Italy.

Puskas Ferenc Stadion in Budapest
After Euro officials selected Puskas Ferenc Stadion in Budapest as one among the host cities for Euro 2020, construction of the new stadium was started in the year 2014. Replace the old ground and to lay a strong foundation is the main objective to construction the new for the new stadium. Gaming officials are expecting to complete the construction of this stadium by the end of this 2019 i.e. a bit earlier than the actually scheduled time.

Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku
Baku Olympic Stadium lead its foundations in the year 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of football in Azerbaijan. However, controversially, it became the host of the Europa League final for the year 2019. Besides Europa League final, the stadium is known to host qualifying matches for the World Cup of Azerbaijan and the group stage tournaments of Qarabag Champions’ League for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Saint Petersburg Stadium in Saint Petersburg
Home of the famous FC Zenit, Saint Petersburg Stadium is also recognized as Zenit Arena. Initially, Russian gas organization of Gazprom established and provided funds to construct the stadium. However, later on, the city government of Saint Petersburg took over the project and handled its maintenance.

With a huge cost of about 1billion dollar, the stadium has become an expensive stadium built in the city. The stadium hosted varieties of games and tournaments, including a semi-final tournament at World Cup 2018.

Arena Nationala Stadium in Bucharest
Arena Nationala is home for FC Dinamo and FC Steaua, while it is the Romanian national stadium. However, any local area club may rent it for almost every type of usage. In the year 2012, the stadium organized the final match of Europa League between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid.

Johan Cruyff Arena Stadium in Amsterdam
Johan Cruyff Arena Stadium is the first ever football stadium in Europe and it is home to Dutch giants named AFC Ajax. It also has retractable roof. In the year 1998, the stadium organized the final of Champions League between Juventus and Real Marid, while hosted Europe League Final in 2013 between Benfica and Chelsea.

Johan Cruyff Arena Stadium is one of the popular football match venues at Euro 2000 to host three different group stage matches, including one semi-final and one quarter-final. The stadium has further undergone refurbishment under the guidance of Euro 2020.

Estadio San Memes Stadium in Bilbao
Estadio San Memes stadium replaced the old stadium of Athletic Club at the same location and it served the club for than 100 years. In the month of September in 2013, Athletic Club played its first game in the new stadium of San Memes by beating Celta Vigo with 3-2. Later on, the stadium completed its roof extension job at the commencement of 2016 to 2017.

Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow
Hampden Park was an old stadium to host Euro 2020 and it was set up during the early years of 1900 to provide a big home to Scottish League club named Queens Park. The first official match took place on 31st October in 1903, where Queens Park organized Celtic. After this, Hampden Park organized the final match of its Champions League. Today, the stadium is home to Scottish national team and hosts most of the final tournaments related to Scottish Cup.

Aviva Stadium of Dublin in Ireland
Aviva Stadium is Ireland’s national stadium and it is home to Irish national team. It is also known for hosting most of the rugby matches across the nation. The stadium established on May 14 in 2010 and hosted Europa League of 2011.

Telia Parken Stadium of Copenhagen in Denmark
Telia Parken is the biggest stadium of Copenhagen in Denmark and it is home to the Danish national team and FC Copenhagen.