The Long Dark showcases Tales From the Far Territory paid expansion pass in new trailer


The Long Dark’s paid expansion pass, Tales From The Far Territory, will release multiple drops over the course of a 12-month campaign.

Hinterland Studios’ first-person survival game The Long Dark will release a new expansion pass for its Survival Mode, titled Tales From The Far Territory (TFTFT). Get a preview of The Long Dark — TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY — Expansion Pass Trailer, courtesy of Hinterland’s official Youtube channel:

Tales From The Far Territory is the first paid expansion pass for Survival Mode in The Long Dark. It will be released in multiple Parts over the course of a 12-month campaign. TFTFT will greatly expand the environment of Great Bear Island and the Survival foundation of the game, including new Regions, Gameplay, and objective-based Tales.

Tales From The Far Territory will be released in regular Parts, with each Part having both Paid and Free updates for owners of the Expansion Pass and The Long Dark (or Survival Edition). The timing and content of updates will rely on the realities of development and will happen every 8 to 10 weeks. The precise content of each Part will be revealed prior to each release, however, it will be based on the Roadmap, as posted on The Long Dark website. Meanwhile, here is a rundown of all of the additional regions and gameplay in the TFTFT Expansion Pass:

New Regions

  • Far Range Branch Line & Pass (Hub)
  • Forsaken AirfieldIndustrial Mine
  • Mountain Pass

New Gameplay

  • Glimmer Fog 
  • Insomnia Affliction
  • Handheld Shortwave
  • Enhanced Cooking
  • Travois 
  • Ptarmigan 
  • Trader
  • Safehouse Customization 
  • Camera & Dark Room
  • Cougar
  • Item Variants

In addition, Tales From The Far Territory will include three narrative-driven Tales instead of challenges. This will feature stories of the territory’s mysterious past, each with narrative-focused gameplay objectives that help build up the story of Great Bear Island and connect back to the WINTERMUTE storyline which culminates in Episode Five. As the release date for each Tale approaches, hints of further content will be provided.

There were also plans for a variety of visual improvements for high-end PC, Xbox Series X|S, or PlayStation 5. Tales From the Far Territory will launch on Steam and Epic Games Store on December 5, 2022, followed by a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch release in early 2023.

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