The new Roblox BedWars enchants update has been released!


The newest Roblox BedWars update brings some new enchants and changes to old ones to the game!

A big update to Roblox BedWars has been released on May 13th, 2022 that brings new enchants to the game! There are three new ones in total, which are the Life Steal, Critical Strike, and Clingy enchants. Many of the previous enchants have been reworked, so look out for some new wrinkles with those. You can find three new kits to try for free, and there will be a couple of new kit bundles released very soon.

Check out our BedWars Commands List post to learn all of the commands available in the game! You can find all of the official patch notes from the Discord below.

Kit Bundle Countdown (2 NEW kits!)

A kit bundle with 2 NEW kits, 2 limited titles, & 2 limited lobby gadgets is releasing Saturday @ 1pm PDT.

Enchant Update (3 NEW enchants!)

The enchant table is now updated with 3 new enchants, a rework on 2 existing enchants, and the removal of 3 enchants.

Enchants now cycle through before repeating, each research level is independent of such, and if you die, the cycle breaks, and you get reset back to being able to getting anything.


  • Dealing damage to enemies will heal you! You will over heal, putting additional health into your shield.


  • When fighting you have a 25% chance of dealing 2x DAMAGE with a Critical Strike!

CLINGY Enchant (NEW!)

  • When you die you save 4 random item stacks from being lost. You can now go for that crazy play!


  • “Void” enchant is renamed to “Execute” with new effects
  • Execute base damage increased: 6 → 10
  • Execute damage per stack increased: 2 (max 10) → 3 (max 15)


  • Plunder now prioritizes high value items (emeralds & diamonds)
  • Plunder cooldown decreased (5s → 4s)
  • New effects

Removed Shield Gen, Rapid Regen, Anti-Knockback and Updraft enchants

Free Kits of the Week

  • Smoke (first time free!)
  • Builder
  • Davey

Kit Balance Changes

  • Cyber Kit nerf: Drone cost increased (15 Iron → 50 Iron)
  • Yuzi: Now has a maximum of 4 dash charges. It takes 10s for her to start recharging dashes.
  • Yuzi: Dash damage increased by 20%

Item Changes

  • Minicopter buff: Health increased (200 → 300)
  • Minicopter: Falling height needed to explode reduced (60 → 40)
  • Minicopter: Explosion damage multiplier (2.5 → 3)
  • Minicopter: You can now see a health bar for your helicopter
  • Tesla Trap: Zap Radius (10 → 14)
  • Tesla Trap: Damage per tick (4 → 6)
  • Tesla Trap: Price (40 iron → 50 iron)

Other Changes

  • Map images have been updated
  • Season 5 BP release date scheduled
  • Vaulted Items: Ducks, Boba Blaster, & Tornado Launcher

Be sure to head into Roblox BedWars and give this update a try as soon as you can!

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