The Sims announces Depop fashion crossover


The Sims announces a Depop crossover with five unique sellers for the High School Years expansion.

The Sims has recently been marketing their upcoming High School Years expansion, and the devs just announced a new crossover with popular fashion marketplace app “Depop”.

Here’s the tweet from The Sims’ official feed, which explains that five unique Depop sellers were selected for the tie-in:

Fans should note that you won’t be able to find any in-game recreations from the five different sellers’ merchandise. Instead, each of them provided a completely original design for The Sims.

As a result, some players are somewhat disappointed with the results, which don’t always match up with the established brand of the seller. However, most are pretty enthusiastic about this support for creative designers. It’ll be a massive opportunity for each of them.

You can decide for yourself by checking out The Sims’ local thrift store or boba hangout “ThrifTea”. Further, The Sims will offer a new “Trendi” in-game app. Players will be able to hype up their favorite Depop outfits to increase their value.

Fans can also use the Trendi mechanic to curate their own outfits, earn Simoleons and become a successful “Simfluencer”.

Breaking down all 5 Sellers

The first seller is Bella McFadden, a US seller that focuses on mall goth and similar inspirations. Her Sims outfit includes pinstripe capri pants and a custom beaded necklace.

Next is Jeremy Salazar, who enjoys working with bold and unique designs. Fans can expect to see various sweatshirts and jackets adorned with his graffiti artwork.

Lapoze McTribouy is a UK-based seller inspired by the Disco Era. She’ll offer Y2K-inspired flared jeans and a red cropped corset. Selena Williams offers a more colorful style, with flowery pants and polka dot tops.

Lastly, Australian seller Sha’an d’Anthes draws her fashion inspiration from her own illustrations. As a result, the in-game outfits will feature cute depictions of nature, like a mischievous rain cloud.

You can read more about The Sims’ latest leaks and updates by following the rest of our news section!

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