UEFA Euro 2021 Prize Money Breakdown (Updated)

The Euro 2021, the second-most watched soccer event after the FIFA World Cup, is definitely on the plans to watch for the tens of millions of soccer fans from the European nations participating in it, as well as from soccer fans from other countries.

The Euro Cup 2021, short for the UEFA European Championship 2021, is set to be the 16th edition of the quadrennial soccer event that takes place every four years, alternating the years with the FIFA World Cup. The European Championship was started in 1960 and was known as the European Nations Championship up until the 1968 tournament. Ever since then, it was titled the UEFA European Championship and consists of the professional men’s soccer teams from the member nations of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The tournament is meant to determine the continental champions for Europe in the men’s national class.

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The 2021 Euro Cup is set to start from 12th June 2021 and end with the finale exactly a month later on 12th July 2021. This is the first time that the tournament is being held in every one of the 12 host nations whose teams are participating in the Euro Cup 2021. This is a one-off event to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Euro Championship. The 2021 Euro Cup will kick off with the first match between Turkey and Italy taking place at the Stadio Olimpico in Roma while Wembley Stadium in London, which has the largest capacity from all the other venues, has been selected as the venue for the Euro Cup 2021 semi-finals and the 2021 Euro Cup final match as well.

Euro 2020 Prize Money

Euro 2021 Prize Money for Winners

The Euro 2021 is not only a chance to be crowned the European Champions in men’s soccer but it is one of the best chances for earning significant prize money. Apart from the title, winners and participants earn remarkably in the Euro Cup, as over 12 host countries pool their resources to make the UEFA European Championship a grand and spectacular event in the world of soccer.

The Euro 2021 marks an incredible increase in the total prize money allotted to the winners of the various stages of the tournament.

Out of the total prize money allotted for the tournament, the teams that qualify to play in the Round of 16 of 2021 Euro Cup will each get EUR 2 million (USD $2.2 million), which is 5% more than the last tournament.

The teams participating in the Euro 2021 semi-finals are each set to receive EUR 5 million (USD $5.5 million), which is remarkably higher as compared to Euro Cup 2016.

The team that ranks as the Runners Up in the 2021 Euro Cup will be awarded EUR 7 million (USD $7.7 million).

In addition to the winners, the team that ranks at the top of their group by the end of the Euro 2021 will receive around EUR 20.25 million (USD $22.3 million)

The Euro Cup 2021 winners will straightway be crowned as the European Champions for 2021 and will receive a monetary prize of EUR 10 million (USD $11 million), the incredible rise of 20% in final prize money. If we compile the total prize money of the winners of the Euro 2020, then the title-winners will take home double their earning, around EUR 38 million (USD $41 million).

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UEFA 2021 Prize Money Breakdown

Here’s the simple UEFA 2021 prize money breakdown:

Stage Prize Money
Qualifying (all 24 teams) EUR 9.25 million (USD $10.1 million)
Group Stage EUR 1.5 million (USD $1.6 million) (win) EUR750,000 (USD $826,000) (draw)
Round of 16 EUR 2 million (USD $2.2 million) (for all 16 teams)
Quarter-Finals EUR 3.25 million (USD $3.5 million) (for all 8 teams)
Semi-Finals EUR 5 million (USD $5.5 million) (for all 4 teams)
Runner Ups EUR 7 million (USD $7.7 million)
Title Winners EUR 10 million (USD $11 million)
Total Prize Money EUR 370 million (USD $407 million)