V Rising – How To Solve Blocked By Environment Error


Upon waking up from the deep slumber in V Rising, you play as a weak vampire on the lookout for assets to regain its well being. As you progress by gathering and unlocking new powers, you might want to construct a base or Castle. The Castle Heart is situated in the midst of and powers a complete base. The Castle Heart prevents decaying and permits you to increase the Castle. Most of the gamers are unable to position their Castle’s coronary heart and increase the borders resulting from an environmental error. So, right here’s our information on the best way to remedy the blocked by Environment error in V Rising.

How to Solve Blocked by Environment Error in V Rising


You want to ensure to position the Castle Heart and its borders upon a plain dust tile. You want to ensure to not place it on the limitations or else it would immediate an error. To keep away from the “blocked by atmosphere error“, be certain that to not increase your Castle’s borders on the environmental limitations. These embrace bushes, partitions, bushes, and stones. Along with this error, you can too be prompted with the blocked by the bordererror.

v rising solve blocked environment error
Image Source – Game Guides Channel on YouTube.

You can even filter out the limitations with the Dismantle choice. Hit the Spacebar key to dismantle and filter out all limitations throughout the space. Once it’s clear, you possibly can place the Castle Heart or increase the borders of your Castle. Check out our information on the best way to transfer the Castle Heart for extra perception.


While you possibly can filter out the environmental limitations that may be obstructed, a number of the limitations like rivers can’t be destroyed. So, you may want to position the Castle in a distinct location with a plain dust tile.

That’s all on the best way to remedy the blocked by Environment error in V Rising. If you appreciated this information, try our different guides on the best way to raid a Castle, the best way to defend Castle throughout Raids, and the best way to construct and the place to position stairs in V Rising proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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