Wanted: Dead discusses finisher gameplay mechanic in new video


Wanted: Dead provided more details about its finisher gameplay mechanic.

Wanted: Dead is an upcoming third-person slasher and shooter video game developed by Soleil Ltd. and published by 110 Industries SA. The story of the game follows the Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad on a mission to uncover a major corporate conspiracy. Players will take on the role of Lt. Hannah Stone, a tough Hong Kong cop, as they battle mercenaries, gang members, and private military contractors in an action-packed cyberpunk journey.

One of the exciting features of Wanted: Dead is the finisher move, which enables players to execute their enemies with style. In a new trailer, Wanted: Dead explains everything about how finisher mechanics work as well as their importance for gameplay. Check out the Wanted: Dead – Official Finishers Trailer, courtesy of IGN’s official Youtube channel:

Wanted: Dead features over 50 unique finishing moves, all of which were created by a professional crew of stuntmen using motion capture technology. The takedowns involve situational kills, environmental hazards, and specific takedown moves designed for certain enemies.

The finishing moves in Wanted: Dead not only contribute to the visual richness of the chaos but as well as serve a tactical function in the way of restoring lost health. As they go through the game, players will need to execute takedown moves to make certain encounters beatable. When Hannah’s ultimate attack is unlocked, which happens very early in the game, players will be able to stun enemies and perform chain finishers that have the ability to clear an entire room of enemies.

In Wanted: Dead, each enemy features an invisible stamina bar. In general, melee enemies have greater stamina than ranged fighters. As enemies take damage, their stamina meter gradually depletes until it reaches zero, at which point they enter a staggered state, which gives players the signal to strike with chain finishers. Last-moment parries with the sword or sidearm can automatically drain the enemy’s stamina, making it the ideal moment to execute the kill.

Wanted: Dead has a smart system for triggering finishing animations. The algorithm initially searches for the potential of an environmental kill, situational guilt, or basic finishing move unrelated to a specific condition. The algorithm also ensures that players have a visual variety of takedowns by rotating them often. The finishing moves are not only intense and visually stunning, but they can also leave certain foes stunned, which is an excellent strategy for clearing an area and replenishing health.

Wanted: Dead is slated to be released on Valentine’s Day for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. 

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