Washington Nationals roast Miami sports teams with help of Buffalo Bills

The Washington Nationals cruised to a victory over the Miami Marlins on the field on Monday night and went on to defeat them a second time on social media.

Washington rounded the bases several times on their way to an 18-1 victory over the Marlins. Following the win, the Nationals’ social media team put out a tweet roasting the Marlins and Miami Dolphins with the help of the Buffalo Bills.

Washington was referring to the Week 17 matchup between the Bills and Miami Dolphins. For Buffalo, the game meant very little. Miami, meanwhile, could have secured a playoff berth with a win, but the team ended up getting blown out by the Bills’ starters in the first half and their backups in the second half. When all was said and done, the Bills cruised to a 56-26 win and the Dolphins missed out on the playoffs.

Buffalo’s social media team saw the Nationals’ tweet and responded with their approval.

The Washington Nationals are no strangers to Western New York. Their Triple A affiliate is currently the Rochester Red Wings.